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Amazing Doctor

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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if all of you know about my brother. He has a grade 3 glioma and in Canada doctor could not operate on him as they said he will be paralized. They recommended that he has to do radiation immediately on a tumor larger than an orange. He is 23 now. His Radio oncologist told him if he doesn't do radiation, he only has 2 months. Also, bcz they did a biopsy here in Canada, they told us the tumor is grade 3. Also, we talked to many top doctors in USA, such as UCLS, MASS and Duke University and all of them said it is not OPERABLE.

We went to Germany to a amazing doctor who is famous worldwide. He performs miracles. The hospital works is under his supervision and looks like a 5 start hotel. Staff are amazing, you see your doc within 1 hour. No waiting.

Long story short, this amazing professor/surgeon did functional MRI on my brother and told him that he will take at least 80 percent of this tumor out and took 100%. His surgery took almost 12 hours with 4 MRI during operation to ensure the did a complete cleanup as much as they can see. His right hand and leg became slightly weak which was expected. The surgeon promised to return any weakness back within 3 weeks with physio Therapy. And all strength is back 100% and he plays his guitar with no issue.

They checked the whole tumor and that is when we found it is grade 3 not 2 as canada told us. He is finishing his radiation in Germany as well.

I am writing this to tell all of you to look around more than your own country. Going to Germany is cheaper than having an operation done in USA.

The name of the doctor is Prof. Samii and he is in Hannover Germany. Most of the head of neuro surgeon universities in USA know him.

I love to answer any questions.


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This type of story is becoming more and more common. Since this world is becoming a global economy we are also starting to see the same thing in the medical field. The hospitals in Germany, India and Tailand look and function just like 5 star hotels. Most everyone on staff in these hospitals is at least an RN as compared to the US where there are many nurses aids in local hospitals. Most other countries do not have the rediciously high cost of health care like the US. This can be a huge blessing for a family who does not have health insurance. I am sure you got the surgery, radiation and anything else related for a fraction of the cost. 20/20 did a report on this that I caught over Christmas.

I live near Duke University and I do hear it is one of the best but some of the cases I hear people talking about perplex me. They won't treat some things at Duke that other local hospitals do for whatever reason. I also had a great surgeon here in NC and if I wasn't so happy with him I certainly would not have let him remove my tumor.

How is he doing? Has he experienced any kind of mental difficulties with such a difficult operation?

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My brother has recovered very well and no mental difficulties at all. He responses fast!!!(i am so thankful) We do have insurance in Canada but as i said in my previous post about 1 hour ago, we don;t trust the doctors here any more.

Duke, yes, it is expensive!!! Only the surgery is about 150,000 dollars!!! we paid almost half amount of this for everything my brother did in Germany in a private hospital!!! The staff and the way they treat people is absolutely amazing!!!

The surgery room this doc has is #1 in the world and apparently no one has it! You go to his office and you see people all over the world come to see him. He is so famous that from the airport you just give his name, prof Samii, and they take you. Everyone one in the city knows him.

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Thanks so very much for the info............really happy for your brother's recovery.
Will give this info to my friend and hope to have as much success.........bless you, your brother and family................I wish you all continued health.


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