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Good News

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Two weeks ago my oncologist for the Esphageal Cancer told me that my tumor markers dropped from 800 to 76. She wanted me to meet with my Eye Oncologist to see if the tumor in my left eye was still there. I told her my eyesight was fully restored and I thought it was gone. Dr. Sighn checked my eye with his magical eye peice and said he believed the tumor was gone. They then performed and Ultra Sound and took pictures of the inner eye and confirmed that it was gone.

They believe the tumor in my esophagas is also gone but I won't know until I get scoped. I just had a C.T. Scan and there were no other met sights that they could observe. I guess a pet scan is next. I have started my fourth round of chemo and she plans on doing six rounds and then some sort of a maintainence round after that. Needless to say we are elated but it's hard to think this could be over as it's been a hell of a roller coaster ride. I know you are going to ask what chemo I am taking so I will spell it the best I can. Oxaliplatin, Captcitabine (aka Xeloda Pill form for 14 days)and Oxaliplatin. As I told you folks a while back the first Oncologist that I went to was going to treat me for lung cancer and do not one more test. I dumped him and leared about the E.C. which they could not find. Anyway, I am still running for Sheriff and working. The Chemo has had no effect other that dry mouth and I have lost half of my hair. I am praying that this goes away for good. Also I will keep all of you in my prayers.

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Your news is wonderful and we will continue our prayers for you. You have such a good attitude and that is so nice to see.

Keep doing as well as you have!


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"Even if the cancer is only to be "arrested" for a time, "your aggressive chemo combo" has proven to be a good strategy. However, Stage IV Esophageal Cancer is set out to take all prisoners. It issues few pardons or reprieves. We are happy that the chemo you have been given has been a "shot in the arm" and granted you an extension of time to enjoy some symptom-free days. I am certain you will make the most of them. Nothing would be better than to hear that there is a cure for Esophageal Cancer, but even to be given a "stay" is always good news. Today we will rejoice!"

I don't come on this site because I think that if you want to beat this stuff you must stay positive. I refuse to become a statistic or listen to a buch of crap from someone who is not a Doctor. I understand that you have a geat deal of knowledge about this cancer because you have taken some time to research it. Do you think for one moment I have not read every word that I can read about this disease. I know where my primary site is in my esophagas. I know the tumor in my eye was a met tumor. I may have one of the best Eye Oncologists in the world working on me from the Cleveland Clinic. The first thing he did was perform tests on me to see if it was a met tumor. It was. Then extensive testing was conducted by the way of full body C.T. scans and a brain scan to determine the primary site. They could not find it. Then a biopsy was conducted on my eye to determine a primary site they could not find it. Then I got another Oncologist who did find through the use of an upper G.I. that I have a very small tumor in my Esophagas and it was determined to be the primary. I am in no way shape for form telling anyone that I have this beat. I am not an idiot and fully understand what can happen. I choose to have a strong belief in God and the will of a warrior to fight this stuff to remain with my loving family. I wake up everyday and give God thanks for another day.

My advice to you my friend is to not give advice before you think. I have re-written this three or four time because I was so mad.

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This is such excellent news. Good to hear the chemo is doing its job. Good luck in your run for the Sheriff's office!


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Awesome news!!

I love to hear this kind of stuff. Congratulations on your news. Kick Cancer A**!!!


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and WE thank you for your prayers. Having the positive thoughts of others and the good interference from God is all we can ask.

I'm pleased to hear that things are looking good for you! Reduced or gone tumors would always be wonderful news!

Best of luck to you in your run for Sheriff. Glad you are still feeling up to it. Keep it up, mam!

Love & Hugs to all traveling the EC path,


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So pleased to hear your good news and may it continue. Since my husband Alan was dx with EC my attitude to life changed. A positive outlook is all important and we have to enjoy the NOW and let tomorrow take care of itself until we have cause to think otherwise.
Ann (2)

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Will be praying that when they take the PET it will still show no sights of cancer.
One thing I have learned in my life is only One knows how long we have here on this earth so just take it one day at a time and like you said just be thankful to have that extra day with your family.
Not one of us is promised a tomorrow cancer or not, we live by God's grace.
This was in my daughter's literature book and thought how true this is:
"If I die, it will be glory. If I live, it will be Grace."

May you continue to get nothing but good news on all your upcoming tests. Please keep us all updated.


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Dear Mam,
Happy to hear some good news, sometimes we wait a long time to hear something great. Hope all of the good news continues and you get elected sheriff and keep on keeping on. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all on this board and this sometimes very rocky road we travel. take care,

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It is so good to hear positive news here. Keep up your positive attitude.

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That is wonderful news, and we celebrate with you. CHEERS to you!!

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Yesterday I was upset as I want to stick my chest out and crow a little bit. All of you know the emotions we have dealt with since being diagnosed wtihe E.C.

Mr. Williams I apologize to you for getting upset with your comments. When I looked at my Ultra Sound and saw that the tumor was gone in my eye you can't imagine how much I wanted to celebrate. I was blind in that eye a little over a month ago. The retna is completly re-attached and everything is working properly. I never thought that I would see out of that eye again. As a matter of fact I was worried about getting a met tumor in the other eye.

We must stay focused on what's important here. You all know what that is.

Wife of patient...
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Great news! Sounds like you are tolerating treatments well, and the cancer is responding to chemo. Stay positive Mam and keep hydrated.
Hope your the "New Sheriff in town".:) We welcome your posts & pray for your continued progress!

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You really do have reason to celebrate!
Live every day to the fullest, run for sheriff, enjoy!
And yes, keep up with your follow-ups.
Prayers for continued success.


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