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Good news from Cleveland Clinic

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I got results from second biopsies, chest xray and CT scans. Both biopsies came back squamous, 1 with focal invasion and 1 squamous with displasia. No Adenocarcinoma, thank God! My xray was unremarkable and CT scans were normal. MD plans to present my case to the tumor board next Thursday but he is having his nurse set up an appointment with an Oncologist there. So looks I will have some kind of chemo/radiation protocol and once the plan is determined I can receive at the cancer center in my hometown with Cleveland overseeing. I am feeling very blessed. The hardest part for me has been all the waiting for results.

My employer is more supportive than I could have hoped for and friends and family have "circled the wagons" so to speak. With all of that support I have to say you all have been my rock. Everytime I have posted questions, concerns, YOU all have helped me to hang on and chose the right path. Not sure what I would have done without you. So thanks!

I feel like I can finally take a deep breath.

God bless each of you,


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Obviously, you made a very wise decision to go to a facility that has experience in treating anal cancer. I'm glad that everything is falling into place for you and that you won't have a long wait to begin treatment. Please let us know what plan is put into place. That's great that you will be able to get treatment in your own town with the Cleveland Clinic docs overseeing things. How wonderful that your family and friends are surrounding you with love and support to help you through this. We will all be here for you too! I know you'll get through this--just take it one day at a time.

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I found the process of all the tests and waiting for results were the most mentally challenging for me. Once I started treatments the mental stress diminished. For me, mentally I treated the daily radiation treatments as my job. This seemed to help my mental frame of mind during treatments.

Hang in there. There will be light at the end of the tunnel as the saying goes.

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That lucky number is certainly working for you.

We are here for you.

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I am so glad you are getting the answers. The waiting is the hardest part, and once I started tx I knew I would be okay. Sounds like you are in good hands now and I wish you the best. Keep us posted. Lori

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Great news. You sound so much better just knowing what the plan is. You are in good hands now. God bless and strengthen you.

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Thanks so much for the support! I am geared up and ready to start. My oncologist appt is Monday at 10AM so hopefully gonna get this thing off the ground very soon.

After finding out that I didnt have adeno I have found myself thinking "I never thought I would be relieved, almost happy to have cancer of any sort", but thats how I feel with the diagnosis of squamous. A tremendous weight has been lifted and I feel renewed and for the first time really hopeful. I know the treatment is going to be one of the most difficult things I have ever gone through but I feel up to the challenge.

When it gets rough I going to think of each of you and pull from your strength and resolve.

Phoebe, I think you may be right about the lucky number, I am going to get a T shirt emblazoned with 7-11 hehe.

I know God is with me and guiding my path.

Thanks again all,


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I know what you mean about feeling "lucky" that it is squamous cell. When I first heard my colorectal docs words "You have cancer," she followed it with "but I believe it's the 'good kind.'" At the time, I had no idea what that meant, but now I understand. You have EVERY reason to have hope! I wish you all the best with the appt. on Monday and hope that you can get started with treatment ASAP. As my doctor told me, "it won't be fun, but you'll get through it." We are here to make sure you do just that!

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