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Back in the House

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Joined: Dec 2011

I like to rap and the fact that I'm now at home recovering makes me happy. So, my update will be in this form. Backbeat please....

To all my peeps on the KC board,
I made it through surgery thanks to the Lord

I arrived safe at home today after 3
The pain is manageable and I'm glad I can pee

The bloating continues, still waiting to poop
Too much information so I'll close that loop

The Path report noted grade 3, stage 1
Prognosis is good for a life full of fun

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as well
Because of you I'm pleased to tell

We are one in our fight, to live each day
We are Survivors, there's nothing more to say

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You sound well on your way to helping me with the newcomers. That surgery wasn't so bad, was it? Yeah.

Best wishes,


Posts: 8
Joined: Jan 2012

Glad to have you back.I came on the site just as you were going to have your surgery.I am scheduled to have surgery on 1/24.Keep us all posted on your progress,it is good to hear how well you are doing

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The bloating is the worse in my opinion! Once that "passes" you'll feel so much better. Glad it all went well. Rest up and get better every day!

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So happy to hear you are home and doing well. My day is fast approaching, 17th, and my anxiety is growing. Hearing this news from you really helps. Hope your pain remains low and number two soon you go! Ha, my attempt at rap.

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Great news. You just made my day. Pain meds are constipating, so you'll poop as you decrease the pain meds and move around more. But don't be a martyr: take the meds if you need them. Hey, I was still on pain meds at 5 weeks out!

Indulge yourself right now. Sleep when you want. Get up and watch tv in the middle of the night if you want. Then sleep again. You're entitled.

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Joined: Oct 2011

Glad you are home and progressing. Jan 9th was a great day, you got your little monster out, and the Crimson Tide rolled again!

Roll Tide!

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Joined: Oct 2011

What a great way to start your weekend!!!

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Joined: Nov 2009

To the rap master Scott I'd like to say
That's very good news you shared today

Out of the hospital in time for football
Back on the board with encouragement for all

Soon you'll be able to fly the coop
Perhaps better yet you'll be able to poop

The surgery is done so out with the fears
To a long life ahead hip hip three cheers

Welcome Back,


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Joined: Dec 2011

Thanks for the laugh, i remember that desire just to have a BM. Life is good.

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Glad to hear you are cruising right along,even though I wish you the most speediest of recoveries and oops thought I could but I can't ,I almost said go packers but being from Chicago ,well sorry GO GIANTS!!!

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