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Hot flashes only on my bald head???

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Twins Ga-Ga
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Hi - This is my first time actually writing on this board although I have been reading comments since July 2011. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June and had a hysterectomy in July. I had 6 carbo/taxol treatments and had very few side effects. My last chemo was 12/21/11 and I am having more and more of these "hot flashes" on just my head - my head will feel warm and sometimes is damp and other times soaking wet. Has anyone else had this happen??? Thanks.

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2timothy1 7
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Great to hear you had very few side effects from chemo. I start next week . Any tips on how you think you stayed nausea free? I too have hot flashes but it isn't confined to just my head.

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Sometimes I get hot flashes in just my head. It happens at night. I sleep with a bald head. I bought a few sleeping caps thinking I would get cold but that hasn't happened.

I too am amazed you had few side effects on carbo/taxol. I only made it through 5 weekly taxol treatments before we had to stop due to severe neuropathy.

As for nausea, I did not get nauseated on taxol. Only on the weeks I had carbo. My chemo nurse recommended I start taking the nausea medicine every six hours starting 36 hours after infusion. The nausea with carbo is delayed. I did not do that the first cycle and I was miserable. The second cycle, I did take my nausea medicine every 6 hours starting thursday night and then for 2 days and I didn't have any nausea at all. Once it starts, it's hard to get under control.

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Twins Ga-Ga
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I think it was the pre-meds they put in my IV before starting the chemo. I was given nausea pills if needed but I mostly used those a lot before my surgery and they worked in abt 20 min. My biggest problem was being so very tired for abt 10 days after chemo.

garden gal
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just on my head. There was times my head was wet from it. Only happened when I went on topotecan, didn't happen when I was taxol/carbo. Asked the nurse about it and she told me it most likely was the sterods causing it, face got flushed too. It passed in 2-3 days. As far as nausea goes very lucky never really got sick, maybe because of the pre-meds they gave me.I was told when to start taking the anti nausea pills if I had too to stay ahead of it. Kathy

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I get hot flashes all the time and I felt it mainly on my head. I still get really bad night sweats. I cool wet rag on my head really helps. Hot flashes are the worst. I am writing this now because I can't sleep due to waking up with hot flash and now I can't go back to bed

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