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Could hiccups be related to the brain, nerve or tumour

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Patrick has had hiccups for 6 years,with no joy from his doctors..loads of medication and a camera down his throat still no luck,after trying years of medication,we started looking on the internet for advise,the only story that stood out was a story about a british guy that had hiccups for 4 years, finally he found out his hiccups was related to a brain tumour, Patrick has now insisted on an MRI scan which he should get an appointment any day now.....I would like any advice on hiccups,tumours related

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Hi. I had retractable hiccups for 3 years - no other symptons. Finally had an MRI scan and they found a brain tumour the size of a grape. Ended up being diagnosed with a benign haemangioblastoma acting on the 4th ventricle (at the base of my brain near the brain stem). I had an operation for it in September and am now back to work - no complications as of yet. Waiting to get referred to a genetist re a possible link to a  genetic disorder called Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome - but this is very unlikely. The stiches (16 of them) don't even show. I wish Patrick good luck. Not sure where you are but I can recommend a neurosurgeon in Oxford. Hope this helps!

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