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Going for 2nd opinion today!!

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Hi guys Im going for a second opinion today at Yale New Haven Hospital the Smilo cancer center and i am very nervous i have been in remission for 3 yrs and my Dr said its back .So i am heading to Yale to make sure before i start chemo again and see if there is anything new out there for us with PPC. I will post anything i learn today it just might help someone else. Have a great day and God Bless you all !!!!

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Thinking of you today, looking forward to your update X

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Wounderful of you to share your news with us as we are all eager to learn as much as possible what progress they make in treatment of PPC! Hope your appointment goes well!
We will get a second opinion too in end of February so I will post here then as well.


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Well wishes from Texas. Hope all went well on your second opinion trip. I hope that you don't hafta go the chemo route again. Been there twice and if my CA markers continue to climb, I may be looking at round 3. It's hard to explain to family and friends the fear we have on every follow-up visit. It seems as we are playing with a loaded weapon and just pray it doesn't go off. I have been in remission for 13 months the first time and now it looks like it's coming back in a little over 3 months.

But we are strong people and filled with hope and God's blessing so let's not dispair.


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