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Stomach / bone cancer - need advice!

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My husband has stomach cancer that went to his bones. He is responding well to chemo and he is getting around and has not had pain in several weeks. Here is my problem - we saw the doctor today and he mentioned about going back to work part time with restrictions. My husbands job does not really allow for light duty and not sure about part time. As of now I have Social Security Disability set up to kick in the middle of May (he had to be out 6 months). If he goes back even part time and has another attack from his bones and ends up out of work again, will I have to re-apply for SS Disability? Will he have to be out 6 months again? Not sure if its worth the risk.. I am happy he is doing well and my kids and I have learned to adapt to things the way they are. What do I do???? Hoping someone can help!

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Hi, Im so happy to hear your husband is doing well...But honestly i was through this with my dad. He was very driven to get back to work, they allowed it *doctors* just to have to go back out due to reoccurance of symptoms. You will have to be out for a full 6 months before disability would kick in and they may even look at it as "he got better once he'll do it again" and then decline your request all together.

If it were me I would take it slow and make sure he's ready. Better safe and precautious.I hope this helps a little.. Feel free to message me privately if you'd like..

Sending well wishes,


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