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Denditric cells vaccines , any body has heard about ?

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Any successful tests in there?.I have been offered to be put on a trial here. Will appreciate your coments.
Thanks in advance mates!

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Once again, my friend, you sent me searching the web to find out just what this is...lol.

Apparently this has been in testing for all sorts of cancers for a number of years.

Here are three sites (out of the many out there) which I found and thought might be of interest.




As with any of these sites, it is difficult to determine exactly what dates apply to the info.

Hugs dear friend,

Marie who loves kitties

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Wow, Pepe, sounds very interesting!!!

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Researched on the Internet and sounds promising for some cancers. What are the parameters for the study? Have there been some CC participants who have tried this?
Thinking of you.

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just for CC, seems other big hospitals in the world are in trials for CC with promising results! As per I see the main parameter is to be enough healthy and strong since results have been seen always after the 4 th month! Other requirements are the normal for trials , metastasis cc, and some minor requirements ,drugs, virus, good health, etc.!

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I read online about using ones own tumor cells as part of the vaccine for Kidney Cancer. Sounded promising with few side effects. What is the down side for the vaccine for cc?

I would try to keep my weight in check and up my exercise plan to be a candidate if I recur as my Oncologist told me I am in the group most likely to recur. I have my chemo port in for one more year. He is advising I keep it in for two years at least.

Wishing you the best "TEST PILOT" if you chose to be our TEST PILOT.


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( folfox mainly), so if it does not work and we see the things go bad, I would be immediately put on folfox.
So been K ras mutated it's a way to have an extra choice of chemo , I'm out of folfri since I used it nearly 2 years and didn't work any more.

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Hi Pepe,

Check it out carefully & maybe that's the way to go for you. It's always nice to have options!


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Good luck with the decision, and if you go with it, I pray you will have FABULOUS results!


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lets call him bobby, not his real name.
was stage 3 , did 6 rounds folfox, ditched the rest and went to germnay.
met a bird over their named ursula, who made him a dedric cell vaccine.

he is still here, well and a dam fine guy!

just do it if you can, i would if/may but the treatments i am pursuing are beyond vaccine.


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They were doing human trials at the Queensland institute of medical research several years ago. My mate Tom was 81 and did not qualify for the trial but he was admitted as a pay as you go participant. They needed to get as pure a sample of his ca as they could . They did this by removing a lung nodule. They removed the killer cells (dendretic) from his blood and in conjunction with the ca sample produced a vaccine. It had no side effects and was making inroads on his lung mets,unfortunately the ca came back in his liver(he had two liver ops to remove mets)and the liver mets had a slightly different protein lining on the cells and the vaccine did not recognise it. I think his age ,his weakened state and the aggression of the final liver mets were his downfall. Cheers Ron.

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