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From: daBeachBum Scary Week

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January 11, 2012 - 2:54pm

Sorry to pile on after a scary week with so many other setbacks for us:-(
I have been in the hospital since Thursday night. I presented with massive pain, bloating, and fecal vomiting and diarrhea. Their original prognosis was a perforated bowel, which is kind of a de-facto death sentence for me due to the way my tumors are interspersed with my blood vessels, which kind of rule out surgery for me.

But, I am rallying. Either the perforations were so small they healed themselves or my gastric system needed a break. Either way I am still here and am starting to feel better. My Acites got drained 3 times, the last had yeast cells? in it. Other than that it was the usual drill. Lots of poking and prodding, starvation , Paracenteses, and struggling with pain spikes.,

My thoughts are with you all and I wish all those facing hard times strength and pain relief. Can I ask someone who uses the Peritoneal Board to get a message over there too? I hate typing on the ipad :-p

Love and Strength,

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Sorry to hear you have had such a scary time but so glad you are rallying, keep it up! Ray, as someone who has had their Acites drained several times, would you mind telling me what it is like? I think Mum will have to be drained sometime soon and I would like to be able to reassure her, also do you know if there is a limit to how often you can be drained? Thank you, SueX

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Hi Ray, glad to hear from you even thoug it is scary news. I do really hope you will get through quickly and that this is just a minor setback on the path that we are all on. I do admire your presence even though times are tuff. You are truly an inspiration and I look forward to hear from you soon. Lots of strengt and love from over the sea.


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