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'FAITH' Stage 4 Melanoma Survivor through God's Miracle(s)

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Guardianone 2000
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Imagine traveling to Duke Medical Center for what is called a Hail Mary chance for life. A team of physicians, the top oncologist in the world are reviewing your case file and assessing your condition to determine what course of treatment is left or available. When they have completed their evaluation, the decision is made, there is nothing can be done to save or prolong your life.

In 2004, I was sent home with less than 2 months to live (stage 4). The melanoma tumor which started in my left eye had metastasis throughout my lymph system, liver, lungs and brain.

I couldn’t even be given experimental chemotherapy, because it would have no affect crossing the blood barrier in the brain. When the Dr. told me this, I looked up and said, “Thank You Lord, now You and I can work this out together.” My Dr. looked at me like I was crazy and then he told me, “They would keep me comfortable until I was gone.”

As we left the hospital, I was in shock. I had to try and comfort my sister who had driven me that day. I was on large doses of morphine for the pain and was unable to drive myself. She was really upset about what the Dr’s. had said. I told her everything was going to be alright. Everything was in God’s hands, not mine nor the Doctor’s.

On the way home I shut my eyes and started thinking about the things I was going to miss. I wasn’t even going to see my daughter graduate High School later that year.
I thanked God for all the blessing’s I had had in my life. I never asked God to save my life. I did say “Lord, You know I have been all over the world helping people and if it is Your Will for me to come home, then I am ready; however if You give me the opportunity, I will write three books in Your Honor.”

In 2005, I fulfilled my covenant with God and I am here today. I still have seven nods in my lungs. After the second book was written, my doctor’s and I realized I had had a miracle occur. All the cancer was out of my body. I was immediately tested again with cats, pets, bone scans, x-rays and labs.

In May 2010, I had stereotactic radiation to stop the bleeding and kill the nod that grew into a tumor. I’ve had surgery, radiation, pain medicines and thank God for Dr.’s and scientist.

On September 13th, 2011, I got a shocking health news flash. I was told I am very sick, with diabetes. Diabetes??? What is diabetes??? Well I took a crash course of 8 hours to try and explain what, why and how diabetes affects our lives, what it can do and the need for understanding how diabetes can kill you.

I decided to postpone my journey Walk a CROSS, America, until after I got my numbers down from the high 300's and mid 400's, down to a SAFE zone. Well it has been almost a month and my numbers are now in the low 200's and these are still not safe, but better. The numbers should be from 80 - 130 to be normal.

It has been almost a month of insulin injections every night to try and pull my numbers into a safe zone. I have a team of medical professionals working to help me get healthy and quite franky, I would be stupid to try and go on my journey to CROSS America, while so many are doing so much to insure my health.

I will start out on my journey in March of 2012, IF I do not go to the Philippines, where I have been invited to share my first books story with a group of people who want to make my book into a movie. I am not sure this will be a sure thing; however it looks promising and could possibly save thousands of lives in the process.

Life is very precious and we should all try to do everything we can for each other and ourselves to insure the continuity of life and live as healthy as possible. I have been blessed throughout my life and I would love to share my Miracles and Blessing's with anyone out here looking for Hope through their faith in God and His Son, while remembering the Holy Spirit dwells in each and every one of us.

We are the temples in which the Holy Spirit resides, not churches, temples, mosques or cathedrals, these places are where we gather to share the word and give praise; however they are only buildings, manmade and empty, unless we are there. This is why we need to take care of our bodies, mind and souls, while staying as healthy as possible.

As I am living now with diabetes, I am understanding the importance of my own temple and what I need to do to do, in order to share with others the importance of Faith, Hope and Understanding.

November 2011 I went to oncology last week and I was told the tumor in my lung was enlarged. Sarcastically said, my Dr. told me she didn't even need another Dr. to help see what she was looking at, because of the large size. That was the only laughing we were doing. I knew that she was right, because I have been experiencing pain in my chest, again.

What we are not sure about is what the tumor is doing, because it is now 18 months since I had radiation in that lung and on that tumor. From what I understand 18 months is the time of radiation effects and some of this could be scar tissue or just fluid from the radiation. My oncologist told me she wasn't sure what to do at present and whether or not more radiation treatments could be done, due to the amount given previously.

I told her I was going to my Radiation Cancer Dr. on Friday the December 9, 2011 and we would wait to find out what could be done and more test if necessary. She agreed too, so we are waiting for the next step in my living with melanoma cancer.

Now as a side note: I went to my Eye Dr. at Duke yesterday on December 6, 2011. I was given news that my eye condition had deteriorated. I was told because of the radiation to my eye in 2003,I had more blood vessels growing inside and cutting off the ability for my eye to release fluids and therefore making my eye pressure to high and in unsafe limits. After consultation with the Dr.'s they decided to inject a medicine in my eye to stop the blood vessels from growing and allow my eye to drain properly. Then they put another needle in my eye to extract some of the fluid that was creating the pressure. Now, when I was done with this procedure the pressure was down to almost nothing and safe. I was given a prescription for more medicine and antibiotics to prevent infection.

I wish I could tell you how this felt, but I do not think you really want to know. They of course said they wanted me back in 6 months and that I might require more injections to fix the problem; however they weren't as optimistic as they had been in the past. They said I have Glaucoma from the effects of radiation. I was told it was the worst stage of it and that eventually I could have my eye enucleated, if the pain became too bad. The one thing said that made me feel better was that because I am already blind in my left eye they could use laser to fix the condition or at least lessen the effects.

I will update everyone following my condition after I see the Dr.'s on Friday. Thanks everyone for your prayers and as God has blessed me, I hope and pray for Gods' will to be done and from there I will do whatever He has planned for me.

UPDATE 12/11/2011

I went to my Radiation Oncology Dr.'s and right now the next step is a PET Scan, before any decisions can be made. Removing a portion (wedge, not whole lobe) (grape or strawberry jelly) of my left lung was briefly discussed... Then of course I told one of them that option was off the table. My senior Dr. agreed with me and we talked IF needed, we could re radiate...

Update January 2, 2012

For whatever reason, my blood sugar has gone back to normal ranges and without insulin. I have not injected myself or taken insulin for 23 days and my numbers are in the normal range. I have stopped getting up at night to go to the bathroom. I will continue to monitor my sugar levels and take insulin if required; however I am very happy about the change in my diabetes condition and will continue to eat moderate portions and I have decreased the amount of sugar I eat or drink.

Being aware of what we eat and drink is key to good health. I thank God everyday for my life and health. Even though I was told my triglycerides were killer high (3622) is what my oncologist said they were. I have been blessed to have lived through this and I hope to never find myself in this position again, due to my own stupidity.

January 2012, I have just reurned from oncology yesterday where I was given a no sign of cancer anywhere in my body. I still have the six nods left and the tumor which was radiated last year. I live with the pain of the radiation damage which has cause scar tissue, but I still don't take prescription medicines.

Even through my Belief and Love for my Lord, I still depend my Doctors and their gift's God has given them...

The rest of this story can be found on my website: bradleydallasnorth.net

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You have a remarkable story there about healing my friend. As we don’t understand the reason why there is so much sickness, pain and suffering in our world, we can as Christians understand that there is nothing that happens to us that God does not know.

In the stories of Job and Hezekiah we see God working in each of there lives. Job was a test of faith and character and Hezekiah was just a faithful servant. All in all God was glorified by there faithfulness in serving him no matter what trials came there way.

In our life today we too face the same trials whether in sickness or in people who want to hurt us. I am just glad that the God I believe in and live my life for everyday is there to help me along. I know that my Cancer was a miracle as well because I am still here after 6 years of not doing any treatment except some natural stuff that buy its self is nothing.

I often wonder why God helps and heals some people and not others who are faithful Christians. I guess I will not know that answer till the day I am with him in his home, but this I do know, the Cancer I had only made me grow closer to him. And that just might be the answer.

God bless

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Guardianone 2000
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We are all brothers and sisters here on this earth. God has allowed each and everyone of us to live the way we want and share the faith we believe. I myself have grown closer to my understanding of the mustard seed. I have watched many go before me and the truth is they shared their lack of faith with me. I did not try and force my love for the Lord on them, only shared my testimony of faith. As I am sure you can tell by just this forum there are many people who don't want to believe in anything but themselves and even worse. We are not responsible for that, nor can we change them by force or pressure.

I am thankful of Gods' mercy and love for us all and I thank him everyday. My son died in August 2007 and God told me he was going to bring him home soon. When he died on his way to work he was 30 days awy from becoming 22 years old. I could not tell him he was going to die; however on the last night we were together, we had dinner and when we went back to his home I said these words to him" Son I know you are 21 and invinsible, but if you don't stop burning the candle at both ends, its going to kill you! He turned back to me and said "Dad you know how much I love you and I know how much you love me. If I don't see you in the morning, I will see you in heaven!!!

The irony of this story I just shared is, when I was sent home to die, before they would leave me to go home, I would tell them those exact words. I am here and he is gone and I would not ever imagine asking God why? I just thanked the Lord for every precious moment we had had to spend together.

God has blessed us and for us who have been given so much, we have to give back to the ones who are searching for Hope through Faith, testimony , Love and understanding.

Take Care Hondo and Thanks for those beautiful words!


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Can you please let me know what kind of treatment you have undergone when doctor diagonised Melanoma.


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