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need some information

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im sumann here..patient of HD stage 2b bulky case..i juz finish my chemo yesterday which is 4th cycle 8 times of treatment..awaiting for pet scan..what i want to know is is it 4 cycle is enough for my case or 6 cycles is the better( but i cant take it anymore)..is it neccesary to do transplant after radiation? thanks in advance..

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It all depends on the cancer's response to the chemo. However, unless it is an indolent (slow growing, incurable) type, it is generally best to receive as much chemotherapy as you can tolerate, given that your health is otherwise acceptable. For many types of cancer, an awful lot is simply unknown. Someone else with your exact type of cancer may react completely differently to the same treatment. This is why doctor will probably want to scan you during, or just after treatment. Once the cancer's response is known, future treatment can be planned, or avoided. Bottom line is that you are going to have to question your doctor about this.

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