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Anxiety with synthroid

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Has anyone experienced high anxiety with synthroid? What did you experience, and at what point were you able to change your dose? My doc wants to keep me hyper 'for as long as [I] can stand it', but I swear that the anxiety just is so weird.

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I have had high Anxiety my entire life, so I never associated it with Synthroid. There are Anti-Anxiety meds that can help. I take Valium in the evening when needed but it is addictive, so I don't take it very often. I had strange reactions to the other medications for depression, which also help from what I am told. So, I can't take them. I do breathing exercises and "self talk". When I feel anxious I tell my self 1) STOP and 2) Breathe! I take a few minutes to clear my head and tell myself "I am okay", "I am safe", and other positive affirmations. It takes some practice but I have learned to calm myself in almost every situation. About fifteen years ago I went to a hypnotist and she was very helpful in teaching me how to control it. I did about five hypnotism sessions. They are still working for me today.

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You always have terrific and helpful responses - many thanks to you!!!

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hi there

at the beginning of high levels of synthroid (after being hypo for almost 3 months), i had anxiety-related symptoms yes. never like i had experienced before. this kind of anxiety i kind of define as "physiological" anxiety as it was my body but not my mind that felt it heavily; it felt like racing all the time and especially at night when i lie down on bed, i used to wake up several times during the night with the feeling of "as if my body just about to throw itself out of the bed because of the strong beats of my heart". it was a very uneasy and weird feeling.

I found that exercise was helpful. after three-four months like that it disappeared (i think the body needs time to adjust to it) and even my dose was elevated later to a higher level, i did not experience it again. my endo had suggested to prescribe drugs for the palpitations should they continue to affect my quality of life that much.


hope you are over it now.


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I had my thyroid removed in 2012 and have been on Synthroid every day since - no more anxiety than normal



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