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I was wondering if anyone has heard anything from momsworld. I miss posts on here occasionally, and I'm afraid that she may have posted and I may have missed it. I think about momsworld and her daughter a lot, and I'm hoping and praying that they are both doing okay.

Momsworld, sending prayers for peace, comfort, and strength to you and your daughter....

Love and blessings,

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Same here Cindy. I have not seen any post from her in a while and I have been quite concerned. I'm not one of those who can find the right words to say but EVERYONE on here is on my mind often and in my prayers. Although my husband seems to be doing well at this time, I still cry often of what may be to come. The more time that passes the worse I become. When your doctor tells you 3 years for your husband to live, it never leaves your mind no matter how well he is doing. I am trying my best to keep the faith and I am so thankful for the "now" but I am so scared. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

PBJ Austin
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Everyone on this board is in my thoughts and prayers every day, but I cannot get that post from momsworld out of my head, the one where she said it will be her little girl's last Christmas and she will never turn 15. Before the recurrence I was so hopeful for her little girl and this news was devastating. I hope she will post back soon, I just want to give her another virtual hug.

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I read the posts almost everyday but, I can never reply. I am so sad all the time and like some of the other posts have said, I feel like I am mourning for her already. I look at her and wonder, how much longer?, how am I going to handle it?, how will life be without her? She has been asking alot of questions lately and I have struggled with the answers. I have always been honest with her, but now it seems so very hard to tell her the truth. She is not stupid and told me that she felt that there were things that I wasn't telling her, I think she always knew the answers, but needed to hear them. I told her what the doctor told me, that there is no cure for what she has. The NO did not give a timeline for her. She has been very sad now and is crying alot, which I can't blame her. She said that she doesn't want to die but, if God takes her it is because he needs her there.
WHY does a 14 year old girl have to go through this? Life is just so unfair, no one should have to go through this.

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Dear momsworld,

I think of you a lot, and especially a lot during Christmas and New Year's. I cried a lot, for you and your daughter, for me and my son, for the others on this site. I keep crying when I try to write to you, thinking about how hard it must be for you to talk to daughter about what the doctors said, about how hard it must be to see her sad and crying.

You are right--no 14 year old, and no mom--should have to face what you are facing. I helped the nurses change David's bedding in the hospital, and I thought how wrong it is for a mom to change her 28 year old son's diaper. It never should be this way.

We live in a fallen, imperfect world. I believe Heaven is better, and I am so grateful that we have the hope for eternal life in a better place. But our mothers' hearts see our children suffering right now, here in this life, and the grief is overpowering. I wish so much that I had something to say that could bring you a little comfort---please know that my heart aches for you, and that I weep and pray for you and your daughter.

Thank you for writing---I know it's hard to write when you are in such pain. I will be continuing to pray for you and your daughter, that God will bring peace and comfort and strength to you both.

Love and blessings,

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Moms World: I grieve for you and for all of us on this site who have to watch our children deal with a prognosis that should only be dealt with by someone who has had a chance to experience all the milestones of a full life.

Today I met woman who had a near death experience, and how she experienced overwhelming love, joy, and peace during that time.

I have to take some comfort with the thought that if the worst happens, our son will be in a better place, free from pain and suffering.

Prayers for you and your daughter.


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I am there with you in thoughts. I don't want to accept what is going on with your daughter. No 14 years old should have to face her own mortality. I hate this disease. I want a cure now. I send you all my love.


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Ive been thinking of you too. I know how hard it is to get on here and write. Many of times Ive wiped away hundreds of tears putting a post on here. Just know we are here and we care. I am praying for you and your daughter.

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I understamd your feelings about posting. You and your daughter are constantly on my mind. I too am praying and crying for what you and your child is going through. It hurst me to no end. Just know there are people out there praying for you and your daughter and we really do care. Give her a hug for me!

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I hate knowing that you are in such pain, and agree that it is unfair for her to be going through this. I want you to know that you two are on my mind often, and in my prayers always!


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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure if all of you know about my brother. He has a grade 3 glioma and in Canada doctor could not operate on him as they said he will be paralized. They recommended that he has to do radiation immediately on a tumor larger than an orange. He is 23 now. His Radio oncologist told him if he doesn't do radiation, he only has 2 months. Also, bcz they did a biopsy here in Canada, they told us the tumor is grade 3.

We went to Germany to a amazing doctor who is famous worldwide. He performs miracles. The hospital works is under his supervision and looks like a 5 start hotel. Staff are amazing, you see your doc within 1 hour. No waiting.

Long story short, this amazing professor/surgeon did functional MRI on my brother and told him that he will take at least 80 percent of this tumor out and took 100%. His surgery took almost 12 hours with 4 MRI during operation to ensure the did a complete cleanup as much as they can see. His right hand and leg became slightly weak which was expected. The surgeon promised to return any weakness back within 3 weeks with physio Therapy. And all strength is back 100% and he plays his guitar with no issue.

They checked the whole tumor and that is when we found it is grade 3 not 2 as canada told us. He is finishing his radiation in Germany as well.

I am writing this to tell all of you to look around more than your own country. Going to Germany is cheaper than having an operation done in USA.

The name of the doctor is Prof. Samii and he is in Hannover Germany. Most of the head of neuro surgeon universities in USA know him.

I love to answer any questions.


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I completely understand and my heart goes out to everyone afflicted including loved ones. My beautiful boy, 16, also has GBM. It is absolutely heartbreaking watching your own child decline with this awful disease. I wish I could take it from him. My son has been so amazing throughout this time. He has had five surgeries in 12 months.
He remains happy and has never complained once. His peaceful nature astounds me, but it also breaks my heart. We try to do enjoyable things and be happy from day to day. We just came back from the beach, my sons leg is very bad and he is struggling to walk, but he is and his will is amazing. His back is very sore and I fear that the cancer has moved into his spine. His speech is effected badly and he is frustrated that he cant get his words out. I just hate to see him suffer. He is such a beautiful soul and has always been liked "the pied piper" with people. Friends and strangers love his soft nature and he touches everyone he meets and always has.
I try to stay positive, but inside Im devastated. It does not seems fair, and I too keep asking why?
I also wonder all the same things in momsworld's post.

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