9th Xelox treatment

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My chemo regimen has gotten just a little worse with each treatment. Thursday was my 9th of 12 scheduled infusions of oxaliplatin and on same round of oral Xeloda.

I've just risen from four days in bed, mostly in an unconscious state with numb hands and feet and muscle cramps, and I haven't been able to eat anything at all this round. So it's kind of a vicous circle of taking the Xeloda and getting horrible nausea and having to keep taking it even though can't get anything down. The one exception is cranberry juice. Have drunk about three small glasses of it today, my first day awake for any length of time.

Any ideas? All the cancer brochures suggest milkshakes but of course can't tolerate anything cold due to the oxaliplatin. I tried Ensure and threw it up. The only reason I care about eating is want less nausea from the Xeloda the next three or four days. I have taken nausea medicine and maybe helped a little, but still can't eat.

Think I am also developing hand and foot syndrome from the Xeloda, but that is beside the point. My CEA is also rising to where it was before my liver resection last summer, also beside the point at the moment.

I can't stretch my chemo brain beyond anything but the nausea right now and the need to get something down. Any suggestions?



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    Hi k1,
    I had no problems with eating. Eating actually helped keep my nausea at bay. I had a hard time drinking fluids. The thought of it just nauseated me. Having the dosage of my chemo reduced, helped tremendously with the nausea. You may want to speak with your onc. about this.
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    Eat small frequent meals
    I found white rice and canned chicken microwaved then eaten in small frequent amounts helped me. Sipping warm tea helped keep the nausea controlled and helped stay hydrated. Thinkiing of you with prayers. Also consider the protein powder you can purchase at health stores or drug stores. Use as coffee creamer in decaf. coffee as a Latte. Make protein shakes with mashed bananas and drink at or near room temperature.
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    9th Xelox treatment
    H&F Syndrome - i had a extreme case. Could not pick up anything or walk without extreme pain after 3 weeks on Xeloda. I found that 600mg of vitamin B6 helped. What also helped was the application of 1% Silver Sulfadine cream on the cracks. Within 3 days, the cracks were beginning to quickly heal. Also had a pedicure to help with the feet. Within 2 days, large chunks of leather-like skin began to peel off of the soles of my feet. Was also able to peel similar pieces of skin off on the palms of my hands.

    Oxaliplatin - Make sure your oncologist keeps an eye on the neuropathy. My oxaliplatin was stopped after 6 of 12 rounds of FOLFOX. Once the neuropathy is noticeable and the tail end of each cycle, it's time to stop the oxaliplatin permanently.