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Good News for Lovers of Earl Grey Tea

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Just bought a new tea called "Green Earl Greyer" by Republic of Tea. Was intrigued that green tea had been combined with bergamot oil, the essential flavoring in Earl Grey tea. Also recalled that Dr. Russell Blaylock had said that NO tea is more powerful against cancer than a combination of green and black.

But fearing that bergamot oil could be harmful to cancer patients, I did some online research and found two articles sanctioning it, claiming it has anti-angiogenesis properties.
These articles (sorry, no date on one) also provide lists of foods that research shows to exert the most powerful effect in shutting down cancer cells' blood vessel growth--angiogenesis--without which these cells cannot grow and spread.

Don't see where to signal attachments on this screen so suffice it to say that anyone who's interested can simply Google "bergamot and angiogenesis" or "bergamot and cancer cells."


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I love Earl Grey tea. and will have to get this tea - did you order online?

I was given White Tea by same brand (Republic of Tea) and it's yummy. White is reportedly high in antioxidants. Interesting that for white you are not supposed to boil the water (too hot). They say just before boiling is when it should be brewed.

Happy tea time!!

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Hi Rosey,

Thanks from me too. Earl Grey is a nice light flavour. The only tea I could tolerate when my liver was not feeling so well. Bergamot is such an interesting perfume too. Similar to the beautiful but different aroma of freshly ground coffee. Something about the aromatics I guess. In any case good to know that it is also helping to kill off cancer cells. Food for pleasure as well as health!


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Do you ladies use any sweetener in your teas? My latest "try" was agave nectar and I hated it. It is thick and cloying and has a certain "taste" even though I bought the light variety. But I cannot drink tea without just a bit of sweetening. I am allergic to stevia.

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Xylitol is a natural sweetener that comes in granulated form (looks like granulated sugar). In the UK it is sold under the name of "Perfect Sweet". I have read articles that indicate that it is OK for cancer patients, as it doesn't cause peaks in blood sugar levels and trigger the release of large amounts of insulin. I don't use it in drinks but I do use it in cooking, to sweeten berries in a compote and in cakes (for visitors, of course!!!)
Might be worth a try?

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Although I've never liked my coffee with sugar, for decades I drank my tea with sugar or honey--and sometimes, a touch of milk. Agree that it's harder to get used to tea without sweetener, but upon diagnosis, I started to drink a lot of green tea (even this is surely an acquired taste; at first it reminded me of decaying hay but soon found out that different types and brands were more alluring than others.

For example, sencha--supposedly really high in the great anti-cancer properties--I have not been able to stomach.
On the other hand, hojicha I have found quite palatable: subtle smoky rather than grassy taste. I simply have learned how to drink it without any sweetener, and though it took time I can now drink even the Earl Gray Greener without sweetner (as the bergamot provides its own perfume).

I recently bought a box of Garden of Eden's herbal tea for my mother (I myself loathe most herbal teas) that is so brimming with cinnamon and licorie and orange peel that, I swear tastes naturally sweet--despite no sweetener of any kind. It's especially warming in winter, and I highly recommend it when we're craving a "dessert."

And the best traditional black tea I've had in years is made by Choice; it is their Russian Caravan. HEAVENLY for those who like rich, dark, slightly smoky flavors: so full of flavor it hardly needs sweetener.

Agree that agave is annoying in texture, so all I can do is encourage us to wean ourselves away from sweeteners, period; the more we taste it, the more we crave it, which is why Kathleen des Maisons, Ph.D., urges her patients to stay away even from diet sodas: not only because of their noxious chemicals, but because their sweet taste addicts them to sweet tastes: a tautology, perhaps, but have found some truth in it.


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