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Scoot over Pete, we might as well sit down next to each other *UPDATE* 01/11/12

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Received email back this morning from onc (I emailed yesterday afternoon) and the CEA has gone DOWN .2, now mind you .2 isn't much but it ISN'T UP!! Other liver functions tests are back to normal except for one (I'll find out about that one in a couple of weeks, no sense pushing luck) so that's GOOD!!!
Don't know what was going on, CEA is still up but as I noted DOWN .2 and I'll take that over the other way it could have gone. So whatever is going on with liver is hopefully not cancer related and something slightly screwy going on that may be something of an anomaly or something perfectly fixable (well, in my mind for now). Thank you all for your kind words, while I'm not quite off the bench, I'm certainly NOT hanging on it with clenched fingers at the moment.
Hugs, and more hugs,
Winter Marie

So saw the oncologist today, looks like adding more chemo, and he said could have surgery again on liver and something about liver enzymes and CEA up and other junk, to which I just quit listening, so I could go hide in my little mind for awhile and all was good again.
Got in the pick em up truck and went to chemo and came home.
So right now, am waiting for new CEA count,and liver blood test results; for the first time ever. he told me to email on Tuesday or Wednesday to get the results so he could see the next course of action.
Well don't that suck?
Spending a lot of time blinking, trying to keep those darn pity tears away, after all, it could be good news next week, got to think positive, eh?
Winter Marie

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People need to get their lab results directly. I can't imagine sitting around all week/month waiting for a possibly missed call, appointment or email. My wife gets stuck at 7-9am, all results posted on a secure website at 3-4 pm, drawn 1-2x a month. No missed rises, doubles-triples while waiting on Dr Godot's office.

Earliest detection means more time to confirm or add diagnostics, work on new treatment options, to find rare surgical capability, and to navigate an indifferent or hostile system. We actually use our test data to extend treatment performances and to avoid more medical mistakes.

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So sorry to hear that your doc feels your situation has changed for the worst.

Hope that he is wrong and the next test results are improved.

If that is not the case, take a bit to let the emotions run, and then let your best cancer fighting spirit flow.


Marie who loves kitties

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It's what we do. Here's to our next break, whenever it may be, from wherever it may come and however long it may last.


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Nana b
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Hope all looks better in the morning hours. That is dawn. :) I am up rearranging furniture:) We had a water leak and thinking if remoldling since they have to redo the floors, kitchen could use a a change. But.... CEA is up, maybe I better hold on that! :).

ALL MY GIRLS ARE UPBEAT AND VERY CALMING! Yea!! My hubby, just says, just another hurdle, start training girl!

Hey! 3 is a crowd. Pete and I already have the seat Reserved. :)

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Pete, Winter Marie, Nana,
You have our support with healing thoughts(prayerful thoughts for those who wish) from all of us who are living life one scan at a time.

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Take some time for the pity party. From the tone of your posts, I think feeling sorry for yourself is a luxury for you. I hope you get results that can ease your mind and end the party. Lisa

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Well, not the news we were hoping for but get re-focused on what you need to do. Sounds like it's good news that you are operable so run with that. Did you mean in your post that you see your oncologist in one place and then drive somewhere else for treatment?

My thoughts are with you,

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Golly darn, Winter Marie. Cry a bit, but I suspect whatever it is, you will whip it again. I could almost see you zoning out when the onc was talking about this and that...... but Hey, sometimes you just gotta do that. I admire your coping mechanisms, I really do.

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Sending prayers your way.

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Thinking of you during this stressful waiting time. You have come so far.
Your news could be good.


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Well, I can certainly understand those types of feelings...We'll just wait and see next week....until then, we hope for the best.

If something does come up, we'll talk about it then - I've got a lot to say, probably nothing that you would want to hear...but still I would like you to listen:)

I started to get wound up and take off on this post - but I will throttle down and wait to hear from you first...


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Winter Marie I get what you are saying about zoning out....I tend to hear what my onc. starts to say, then it's like my brain starts to swirl and I end up with this empty vacuum inside my head and my brain has been sucked right out and I cannot think. I get in the car and all of a sudden my brain clicks back in and I have all these questions. I wish I could log on somewhere and see my results on line, be able to digest them on my own, think of questions and then go see him. This going in one on one doesn't work for me. Winter Marie, have you been on some type of chemo. and now they are adding more? Sorry, I'm confused, I was under the impression you have been off chemo. or I missed a post where you were put back on chemo.

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It's the colorectal recurrence bench
I am resting, sitting on it, I moved over, I know lots of people on the bench.
I am glad I am not alone. It's nice to have someone to pass the tissues. To mop up the tears. To share stories.
I wish it was not you winter, next to me. Our paths have crossed alas I fear.
Hoping and praying for our health right now, tomorrow I leave to fate, god. But I am going to mass and will say a pray for all us colorectals.
Ps I am away on holidays, I have to reply to my posts

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and I'm sorry you have to wait to get the results. That is just so hard. I wish they could just give us the news, whatever it is, right away and not make us wait and worry. If you feel like crying, I sure don't blame you. We cancer folks come by our tears honestly. Hoping for the best this coming week-Ann
PS If you are doing chemo, perhaps the uptick in CEA is due to the chemo doing its job?

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wait until you get the final results...hate to have you worry over something when all the info isn't in....
Hang in there...crossing fingers and toes (learned THAT in yoga) that all will be well.

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Not you too????? This is just crazy everybody's CEA's rising like that. I was suppose to get my results back yesterday on my CEA but I just don't want to know. I'm gonna just wait to get results for a few days. Maybe this is just a fluke or some explainable reason. We will just wait on results and no matter what it is you will deal with it like you do. That goes for all of you who are having rising CEA's. Biting my nails and waiting with you... Love you girlfriend!


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I hope tomorrow or the next day will bring better news.


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Carrying all that yuk around with you is no good. It's o.k. to take the positive thinking cap off for just a moment to let the tears flow. Just be sure to put the cap back on as soon as the last tear hits the floor. Sending prayers for the best possible results.

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different results next Wednesday.
Have a big hug!

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i will use it my myself.

i might call it the pity cap!


pete43lost_at_sea's picture
Posts: 3908
Joined: Nov 2010

i will use it my myself.

i might call it the pity cap!


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Winter Marie, we have all been through the waiting game. it never gets any easier. i was talking to a friend about the things people have no clue about. this is one of them. my prayers are with you for good results.

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Winter Sue,
Glad to hear that you as well have a better CEA on retest. Positive thoughts for continued good news on your additional tests. Looks like the Bench is looking better. Hope for all who were sharing the bench with you this week will have good news.

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Love the positive attitude. I'm right there with you in hoping it's not cancer related and just something screwy going on.

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Had been thinking about you. Liver enzymes down, that's good to hear. Still hoping all will be well.

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