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Dilator question

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Okay not so much a question about the dilator, but a question about shrinkage. Today was the first day I was suppose to start using my moderately sized dilator. Well there was no way that thing was going in and it isn't even that big. I guess I could blame this on the radiation but I don't think so because I noticed that things were not what they use to be "down there" well before I started radiation.

This might be TMI, but I'm wondering if anyone has had issues with the closing up of the vaginal opening after surgery. It seems like I have a ring of flesh around my opening that is not expandable. Almost like scar tissue. There is no give to it. It's really making me nervous.


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I also had a problem before it was time to use the dilator. I couldn't even insert my pinky finger in the vagina. The doctor said there was still some swelling going on from the surgery. I started out with the smallest size dilator and then the medium size one and then went to the large one (which is still a struggle to get in). I had spotting every time I used the dilator. If you had your cervix removed then the vaginal canal is shortened and if you had internal radiation then it also gets narrower and can narrow in spots. Mine is like one of those balloons you use to make the animals with where they twist it in the middle. So I have a bad narrowing spot just inside the vagina that is a struggle to get past at times. Also you can have some burning and pain during sexual intercourse do to dryness. One thing I have noticed when I go for the pap test the doctor has no trouble inserting the spectrum. I am 2 years out from the surgery and still having problems. Maybe younger women do not have so many problems with this but I am 60. Hope things improve for you.


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I have severe vaginal shrinkage from two courses of brachytherapy. The doctor gave me a box of dilators. I can use the second smallest, but I used to be able to use the second largest, so there has definitely been more shrinkage even with the dilator... I can no longer have real sex with my husband because of this. I recently found a new dilator that I am trying. No real results yet but I will keep trying. It's called FeMani and works by vibrating. It's not as exciting as it sounds, at least it hasn't been for me, but I am hoping it can stretch some of this scar tissue.

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I as well have quite a bit of shrinkage in vaginal area. My radiation oncologist suggested using lubricants or something like olive oil to keep the area moist. Think of it like the skin on our hands, when applying moisturizer daily it's more pliable and easier to move....same with the vaginal area.

When I'm out of the shower each morning and applying moisture to my outer skin, add the lubricant to my vaginal area as well. It does help!!!


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