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Got MRI Results back Please Help

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I am posting this in a new thread so people will read it. I am really confused and upset. If you read my history which I posted in my other thread. This is the latest news:

I just received a call from my doctor about my MRI yesterday. They messed up and got NO pictures of the anal mass. They also found narrowing of my rectal sigmoid 5 inches above the dentate line. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS. The doctor wants to wait until after the anal ultrasound to see if it shows the mass then do a biopsy once they have seen the mass. There was also fluid in my abdomen again just like there was on the CT scan. Please help me. What does this mean? The doctor has no answers yet and is hesistate to say anything about what he thinks it is. I have had the colonscopy and it was clear so what is causing narrowing of the rectal sigmoid? Could this be cancer too? Have any of you had this??

What could this possibly mean? Could cancer be causing the narrowing of this area?? Does anyone have a clue?

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Hello, First, remember to breath. I am sorry for you having to have this type of result and then the dr not having any ideas of what it could be. The main thing is like you said the colonoscopy was cear.

Because you recently took the enema again for the MRI, I wonder if it has caused your rectal sigmoid to spasm, or be inflammed. Chrons desease comes to mind too, as I know that can cause spasms.

Remember you are young and what ever is going on the tests will tell. The biopsy will tell if there is a cancer, otherwise theres no way to tell if its cancer.

I hope others will chime in with ideas, and mine are just ideas.


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Thanks Lori,

I actually haven't done the enema yet. I will do the enema for the Anal Ultrasound which is on Wednesday. Which will be painful for me again I am sure. Thanks for the response. This is so frustrating and now I am even more upset because they didn't even get pictures of the anal mass. The doctor said he doesn't think it is divertilitis or whatever it is called. Thanks again for the reply.

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