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I have had some leg cramping in the past. If I do not drink enough water, and who knows what's enough, I get severe cramps mostly at night. Sometimes when I'm cold and sometimes when I am being massaged. It has started to happen in my forearm too. Does anyone else have this?

I also still have the balance problem, resulting in some head injuries? Does anyone else have balance problems?

My newest strange symptom is an odd feeling of pressure in my temple and a little bit behind my ear. A tightening, a pulsing feeling at times.

Oh and the swollen lymph node or gland in my neck right under my jaw on the right side.

I still have a sore in my vagina since tx, only hurts when I pee, once in a while during sex.

I have had everything checked out in the past, but it is all persisting.

I started seeing. A therapist last Thursday, I have a lot going on now. My life used to be so simple. A little work, a little surf, a little travel and not much to interrupt that flow. My 90 year old mother in law will be starting xeloda next week for her stage four colon cancer. I am very afraid for her.

Happy new year to all of you and yours.

I had a head ct in July th

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Reading your post made me smile. You have a lot of random stuff going on and you just sounded so matter-of-fact like. I too have had an occasional out of no where pain in my temple but a bit further back. I have always (since treatment) had a mild burn when I pee, and two UTI's when its gotten bad. My doc thinks some of these weird, occasional issues are just more fun side effects related to radiation. Apparently tho needed to zap the cancer it also zaps a number of other things that may or may not ever go away???? Unless really bothersome I usually wait until my next appointment to discuss them, and if other stuff (labs, vitals, etc.) are good, he never seems concerned. Hope all gets better for you and you can find a way back to a less stressful lifestyle again. I hope your mother-in-law will have success with her treatment and have the strength she needs at this time too.

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Thanks for helping me put it perspective. Ha! It's my new profile.

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You have been so very supportive of me. I want you to know I am thinking of you and am keeping you and your mother in law in my prayers. I obviously cant speak to the symptoms you are having as I have not started any treatment as of yet but I am sure that it would have to get tiresome and overwhelming at times. I am glad to hear you started seeing a therapist, with all that you have on your plate it will be beneficial to know you have someone totally dedicated to listening to your feelings and hopefully helping you sort through it all. You hang in there, and I DO care.

Happy New Year to you and yours as well, may it be full of blessings.


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Thank you Randy.

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