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What would you do in that situation?

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Hello Everyone,
My mother was just diagnosed w/ Stage 4 lung cancer on November 2011. Her right lung has callasped and fluid is building up in her left lung. Mom wants to put up a fight and do Chemo, but at this moment she is really weak and tired. And I am worried that she will not be able to handle the chemo in her condition. They said her cancer has spread to her bones. She is only 4'11" and weights 70lbs. Should she try the chemo? What would you do in that situation? All I can do right now is to pray for miracles and strength for her.

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Welcome Pat! How old is she and what does the Doctor say? If she is in her right mind, it is ultimately her decision. Just be there for her.
Best of luck!

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Hi Medi,
Mom is 62 years old. The doc doesn't say much except the chemo is harsh and its ultimately up to her. Her right lung is callapsed and her left lung is starting to get fluid now. She said she can't eat much because her stomach feels tight. So she is not getting the protein she needs. She did get the tap on her right lung. I know she wants us to decide for her but I just can't and don't know.

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I agree; I'd be looking for some lead from the doc. Having undergone chemo as a 59-year-old fitness nut in great shape other than the obvious, I'd worry about whether somebody with her already-taxed resources could handle the stress.

Since you asked, in that situation I'd probably be looking at comfort care, but that's an individual decision, with the doctor's input taken seriously in mind.

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Thanks for ur opinion. That did cross my mind, comfort care. Thats why I can only pray for miracle.

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Pat, miracles happen every day. We don't know when, where, why but they do. If your Mom wants to put up a fight - let her.

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Thanks Dawn, I just pray for miracle for her.

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Its her decision..... she may be pysically weak and tired... but mentally as tough as nails. Let the doc give her the knowledge.. and her te decision..... u r there for her... that is a lot.

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Thanks, mom is a fighter. I just hope her body can handle the chemo.

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Hello Pat, I am sorry to hear about your mother.With what you have said about your mother, it sounds as if the cancer is quite advanced, and she is now symptomatic with the pleural effusions,the fluid that is building up in her lungs will need tapped.You say it has advanced to her bones, is she in any pain with that?I guess I just think that maybe she is too frail right now for chemo. She may need to have a nutrition consult possibly, maybe she just is too weak....do the doctors lead you in any direction?

I wish for you peace in you/your family decisions, and comfort for your mother in whatever choices you/your mother come to.Will keep you mom in my prayers


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Hi Cathy,
Yes mom has a tapped put in on her right lung but her left is starting to get some fluid. they won't put a tapp on that side yet. No she isn't in pain yet, she said she is just tired, really tired. And her stomach just feels tight thats why she can't eat much. Cathy thanks for commenting and for your prayers.

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to hear about your Mom. My heart goes out to you. I think a conference is much needed with you, Mom and Doc to discuss options, but it is ultimately her life and her decision. But whatever the outcome, she is going to need someone to care for her, support her and look out for her best interests. There are many organizations that can assist you and Mom during this time. Please call your local Cancer Society for info if Doc does not have it. Do you have any siblings that might be willing to also step in to help? God bless your family during this time of great decision making. Stay strong! Cheryl

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Thanks Cheryl, I will keep ur comment in mind. God bless you and your family too.

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