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diagnosed in 2007 and still not in remission

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having such a hard time with this one.. cause I have a very complicated medical history...
have thyroid cancer stage 3 papillary which made my total thyroidrectomy almost in possible to do cause the cancer was wrapped around my vocal cords and esophagus... now after 5 years, my vocal cords are paralyzed... swallowing is a severe issue... (dyspagia)
have to have scopes of the esophagus for life...
still having radioactive iodine even after 5 years...
on a high dose of synthyroid.. (250mcg) 2 of 125 pills a day
also on 1200 mg of calcium 3 times a day for life
and have a cyst on the liver... and one of my blood tests for the liver is extreme high..
the encrologist is sending me back to oncology....
I am so tired all the time and nothing I do is giving me any energy...
sleeping over 12 hours a day and not feel rested at all...
anyone else out there has any advice...

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You have been through a lot. I am sorry you have to go through this. My only advise is to pray daily. I pray daily and he ALWAYS comes to my side. As much pain as I feel each morning I awake, he allows me to get through each day. I will also pray for you and ask him to not let you suffer.

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Oops, double post.

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I too am very sorry you are still dealing with this. Spiritually, I am with the theory of prayer also. I find comfort in His words. I get close to God and Jesus and believe with all my heart that healing is possible with Him. So far it has worked well for me.

Medically, I would push for extreme testing from your doctors as soon as possible. Don't take the wait and see approach on anything. Find out exactly where your cancer has spread and get it out of there. You will always be on Synthroid and Calcium but my hope is that you will stabilize and rid yourself of the cancer once and for all. In the mean time do everything you can to make yourself healthy. Take whatever supplements your doctor has recommended. I take a series of supplements (not really doctor recommended) that I researched for better health. Best to ask your doctor though before taking them to be sure they aren't harmful to your liver. I exercise regularly even though it is hard some days. It makes me feel better in the long run. I lost thirty pounds last year and I feel so much better. I am curious, you said you are "still having radioactive iodine even after 5 years...". How many have you had? There is a lifetime limit of RAI and after awhile it won't work for you anymore. I have already hit my lifetime limit.

I too will pray for you. I hope that you will get close to Him and lean on Him as much as you can.


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Sorry you have to go through this. If you are a religious person and finds comfort in praying, it can not hurt. However, my opinion is also that it will not help either for anything other than your mental wellbeing. I am not religious, and I am very grateful that I am not. I have met serious problems in my life before the cancer, and it makes me feel good to think that there is no God that puts this on me. Problems have to be dealt with. Praying is very passive. You have to take actions yourself, and not just sit and wait for God to fix them for you. Take contact with your doctor, get a second opinion. Educate yourself in this disease. Take matters into your own hands. I think Sunnyaz gives you some good advice. Best of luck.

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