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So I had my biopsy slides reviewed by UCSD Cancer Center for a 2nd opinion...

This is what the report said.

Thyroid, left superior, fine needle aspiration, outside slide review
- Atypical follicular lesion consistent with follicular variant of papillary carcinoma.

Does that mean I have papillary or follicular? I need to ask the dr to confirm but either way I will be having a TT on 2/1/12.

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You more than likely have papillary cancer... hope you have better luck than I did... mine was removed and also my parathyroid was removed as well... on calcium and thyroid medication for life...

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Hi Lisa,

I think this means that there is possibly two types of cancer. I am not sure of this however. They will know for sure when they remove your thyroid and do the biopsy. Papillary is the most common and Follicular is the second most common type. Both have good prognosis.

Hang in there and be strong. You are going to do fine. Keeping you in my prayers.


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