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Overall cancer death rates decline

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Hope this link works. Sorry guru guys still can't figure out the links. They mentioned colorectal cancer in this article so that is hopeful.


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I heard that on the news last night. Words like that are always promising. On the local news I heard 25% decline on men since the 80's. A lot having a lot to do with the decline in lung cancer. 15% in women, breast and colon. 1,000, 000 more lives a year, saved since the 80's.

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".....Top Advances in Cancer Treatment" for 2010, there is no mention of anything pertaining to CRC (medpagetoday.com/HematologyOncology/ProstateCancer/30384

The earlier one gets Dxed, theoretically the better off one is......

Read of one new Phase III trial starting in Australia, Eastern and Western Europe of something called HA-Irinotecan/HyACT by a company named Alchemia (reported 1/4 at marketwatch.com)......

PS: apparently site name gets bleeped so i'll respell it like this but you ignore the spaces:mark

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however, their physician commentator attributed the decline mostly to preventive and/or early diagnostic measures ... not a whole lot of relation to better, more effective treatments. Although, we all know that chemotherapy has come a long way since the day of 5FU alone for CRC.

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