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throwing up

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My dad had a clean pet scan after 3 treatments of rchop and he had his final(6th) treatment on Dec 12th. He did a pet scan and we are waiting for the results. Today my dad was supposed to have a cat scan and he was too sick to go. He was throwing up all last night. My mom thinks it a bug, but my dad doesn't. I'm scared it is the cancer taking over causing him to throw up. His lymphoma started in his stomach and spread. It was stage 4. His last treatment was 3 weeks ago. Is it possible the chemo could be causing him to get sick after this long? Please pray for my dad. Thanks

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First of all so sorry your dad is sick. Next thing is I am not a Dr. R-CHOP can be harsh like all the other treatments. We are all different in the way we react to the treatments. You said your dad was clean after the 3rd treatment. That is great. Usually if you are going to get sick it will be in the week of the treatment. Thats why they give us the meds to take after the infusions. Like I said I am not a Dr.,but it sounds like your father has a flu bug.This is definitely the season for it. Get in touch with your dr. to have it checked out to be certain. I am sure he is scared right now and that is normal. You say your father had lymphoma in his stomach. Is it the stomach or the abdominal area in general. Mine was in my abdominal area but people always say stomach when they talk about it. There is a difference. Take care. John

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I agree with John that this sounds like a bug, probably the flu...but...it's best to+
+ get it checked out. His chemo is still working in his body and as it was explained to me, it stays in our system upwards of 6 months to a year. Once again though we all respond different and have our own unique experience with chemo. His doctor should see him and make sure he's hydrated with no hidden problems that can mimic flu symptoms. I had swollen nodes in the back of my abdomen that I couldn't even feel before diagnosis. Also had numerous tumors in my groin, neck and one larger tumor under my clavical bone. After 6 rounds of CVP-R chemo all of my tumors shrunk except for the one under the clavical..it shrunk significantly, but still showed up on my last CT scan in April. I will definetely keep your dad in my prayers and please come back and let us know how he is doing.
Best wishes...Sue (Folicular NHL-stage3-grade2-typeA-diagnosed 6/10) age 61

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It sounds like a virus of some sort. BUT, since your dad has had alot of chemo in the last few months I would be concerned.
His immune system may be compromised and not able to fight off a simple "flu". I think that his Dr should be called first thing in the morning.
It is always better and safer to check things out. Waiting for your Dad to feel better is not a good idea.
It's possible that he may need a course of antibiotics, especially if it turns out to be a bacterial infection.

I don't think that the chemo would cause such a delayed reaction, unless he had reacted this way with the previous infusions.

Please have your Dad or Mom call the Dr first thing in the morning. If they are not willing to call the Dr, maybe you can put in a call for them, just to give the Dr an idea of what's going on with your dad.
Any illness should be evaluated right away.

Please let us know how your Dad is doing.

Positive thoughts coming your way.

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Thanks for all the posts. My mom called the doctor and let them know my dad was sick. They had to rescedule his doctor appointment. My mom said he had stopped throwing up, but I don't know if they are just telling me this so I won't worry. I am pretty sure my dad's lymphoma was in his stomach. He had a GI tract done and that is when we found that he had cancer. The doctor described it as hard folds. You have a lymphatic lining in your stomach. Thanks for letting me know the the chemo is still working 6 months to a year that makes me feel better. Thanks again to everyone for your advise. I'll keep you posted.

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