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USPC and breast cancer

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I have gone through 2 bouts with BC, one in 2002, the next in 2010 (new primary in lateral breast, NOT recurrence.) In Oct 2011, less than a year after my last chemo for BC I was dx with USPC grade 2, stage 1a. Now here is what I want to share.....
My onc said uterine CA has been associated with BC but because many women with BC are on tamoxofin or something similar, dr.s have been working under the assumption that tamoxofin was the culprit. However, I was triple neg with both BCs and was never put on anything. Sooooo, maybe the connection is the BC, possibly a gene mutation or something else? Just another confirmation that dr.s are guessing most of the time and we must always question the "facts".

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Thanks for the info, jgreen. I agree that cancer is a real guessing game. I am aware of the chemo link but your story debunks that. Mine too - I never had BC.

I chuckle now when I think of the reply I got from my first gyn onc when I asked him how I got UPSC after living a life vigilantly rejecting cancer risk factors - he said "bad luck!". Maybe so, but would be great to have some more science. Hopefully we will eventually get some of these answers.

thanks for your input. Mary Ann

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I too had BC, and never took Tamoxifen, my do says BC puts you in high risk for uterine, no one ever told me that, if I would have know that, I would have had elective hysto years ago. Now have UPSC stage 1a. I had yearly paps to monitor and still got it.
I think there are manyon these boards in similar stories.

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Double Whammy
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There's a thread somewhere on this board about this topic. I didn't have UPSC - I had endometroid adenocarcinoma. I had both BC and endo cancer diagnosed at the same time.

There has to be a "connection". I know estrogen is one - yet I see you never took Tamoxifen so your BC was not estrogen receptor positive. Mine was and it is assumed the endo cancer was also.

On the other hand, I know many women who have had either BC or endo cancer, and have not had the other.

It sucks regardless.

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I had triple negative BC and got uterine cancer. I don't know what the connection is. Cure Magazine has the entire magazine on causes of cancer this month. There's alot on genes. There is nothing on Gyn cancer! I know with the tamoxifen it causes least one in five. My Gyn said it would never happed to me. A hysterectomy would help us but that's too late for me now.

I had Caris Target testing and I can take a platnum drug again. If you want it try googling Caris TargetGo ahead. I got different results than first time with other testing. It was expensive; like 7 thousand dollars. Insurance pain for all except about 1000 dollars. We couldn't believe it. The results were powerful. I did well on doxil but it is off the market. I am afraid of carboplatinum even if it is single agent.


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My Gyn said, "it would never happen to me."

He/she wasn't a very good fortune-teller!! Stupid statement by your doc.

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I have also had both breast cancer (and recurrence) as well as UPSC. In researching UPSC risk factors, one factor is history of breast cancer. I was treated with tamoxifen and then Femara following uterine bleeding. D&C after bleeding noted multiple polyps, no evidence of malignancy. Less than 2 yrs later I was diagnosed UPSC Stage IVb.

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