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Please help me with my symptoms

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I want to thank you in advance for any assistance you can give me.

I have a doctor's appt tomorrow and I feel very anxious.

I had vaginal discharge mid cycle that lasted for 3 days. It was brown at first and then it was brown with some tissue that kept getting larger in quantity. Then when the biggest pieces were passed, tiny dots remained and the discharge turned a light red and ended.

Is this similar to what is experienced with women with Uterine or endo cancer?

I also am having gassy feeling and full, gnawing pain mostly felt at night especially when I turn to either side. Plus, my ovary (I only have one) hurts more than typical.

Thank you again for your time. I really appreciate the journey that you women traveled, admire your strength and how you provide assistance.

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I meant to type: I am also having gassy feeling and DULL, gnawing pain...

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Sorry you are having these worrisome symptoms.

As with most symptoms they can ususally end up being something small or something more serious. I am hoping small :)

Without knowing your age and whether you have had previous gynecological issues, etc. your symptoms could be a number of things ranging from a cyst breaking, breakthrough bleeding mid cycle due to hormone fluctuations, polyps or fibroids.

How long have you had symptoms? Is the pain you are experiencing getting worse?

Have you made an appointment with your doctor?

Stay in touch...more often than not it is not cancer, so please don't assume it will be!


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Thank you for your reply.

I am 49yo.

I had vaginal bleeding on my 12th day after the start of my period. My period usually lasts 3-4 days. So, I was shocked and scared when I saw brown mixed with what looked like skin cells. After 3 days of this, the brown turned to a faint red and ended.

However, I have been bloated and have had mild, dull, gnawing pelvic pain since then, especially where my ovary is. I usually have bad ovary pain every month, but this got worse. And, I never felt so gassy and bloated, although I don't look bloated.

I am expecting my period tomorrow, day 28 and that is when I have the OBGYN appt. The Univ of Miami fit me in, G-d bless them. The only symptom for perimenopause I have had is a shortening of my period. I used to have 28-34 days, and now I have 24-28 days. Never missed a period yet.

A friend says that I am probably gassy and feel bloated from the perimenopause. She also said that her perimenopause started with the monthly brown vaginal discharge of skins cells. However, she also urges me to get checked by an MD.

I posted my symptoms to find out if others have had similar symptoms.

Thank you for listening Laurie. I appreciate your time and experience and thoughtful words.


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anything unusual should be checked.

I hope your symptoms are not indicative of anything serious. However, these are often mentioned as symptoms of women who later diagnosed with gynecological cancer, me included.

Very often women miss a crucial window of early diagnosis because their doctors did not take the reported symptoms seriously. Insist that you get ultrasound (trans vaginal), and better yet a CT scan.

Again, I hope this is a false alarm, but it's better to err on the side of being cautious.

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I've asked my oncologist about ultrasounds in particular, because I had a transvaginal ultrasound several months before my diagnosis (via a D & C). My ultrasound showed nothing unusual, although by that time I undoubtedly had quite a large tumor. It grew into the uterine body and so didn't affect the endometrial lining very much.
If you're concerned about cancer, insist on a biopsy. An endometrial biopsy can be done in the gynecologist's office without anesthesia. (It's not as good as a D & C, because the biopsy might miss the suspicious tissue, but it's far better than an ultrasound alone.)
I don't know how well CT scans would work in diagnosing ovarian cancer; I don't think they're used as a diagnostic tool for uterine cancer.
Good luck to you in any case.

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Please get checked by your Doctor. I agree; a bipsy is the only only to find out what's going on. They don't care if you have your period. Promise us you'll go.


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