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Now in Hospice Care

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What a ride this has been. It's been up and down for the past two plus years and we now find ourselves at the endd of the road and in Hospice care now. I am trying to find the strength to see us through this terrible disease but everyday it has it's challenges.

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I am sending you all of my prayers for guidance, comfort and strength as you go through this terrible ordeal. While I am rejoicing in my good fortune, I feel your pain. Our stories are so similar and the question "why you and not me" has haunted us since our days of Vietnam and now once again God has moved the hands of fate and we are unable to understand the "why us" of it. Embrace the time together you have and dwell on the good times as best you can. Praying for a miracle for you both.

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Dear Sig,
I have been following you and your husband's plight since the beginning. My husband, Lee, also has liver cancer. We are travelling a journey together as complete stranger's with a common goal. To be a caregiver to our beloved. There is nothing I can say to you that will help you along the way, except to say that I am here. And I care and wish you both peace. A prayer goes out today for your husband to be pain free and comfortable and for the two of you to spend your days in each other's loving care. May God's loving mercy be with you both.

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Sue, I am so sorry you have found yourselves at this point. I have thought about you guys alot, you have gone through so much and I admire all that you have done and your perserveance. We too are in the hospice program now, although it is more palliative care We are still fighting, though it is getting harder. I will say it is a relief to have a 24 hr. phone number to call. We have been fighting fevers and bile duct stent complications for the last month. I did start him Essiac tea and that seems to have made him feel a bit better. Still working hard on diet and giving him other supplements too. I hope things are as good as they can be for you both and that you are managing the pain well - that is one thing that we have learned from hospice which has been good. Keep hanging there!

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