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Friday, December 30, 212 Dr Appt

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The Oncologist told my husband that he basically has two choices 1) He can do nothing and may live between 6 mths to a year or 2) he can do six rounds of Alimta and may live between 6 months and a year... unless he is one of the lucky ones then he may live from nine months to fifteen months. What a choice huh? I know that no one has an expiration date stamped on their forehead, rear end, or foot but what a sobering thought. He has decided he will do the six rounds of Alimta. It's being used as a second line treatment after 39 radiation and 6 rounds of carboplatin and paclitaxol. At his six month PET scan he has metastisis to his lung, another lymph node on the other side of the chest, and there is still active cancer at the original site in the medistinal and carinal lymph nodes. He tires easily, is having increased shortness of breath, and is still coughing.

He continues to work every day, helping me with the house work, and playing with his grandchildren. If I say he is trying to do too much He says he isn't doing enough. He is stubborn almost to a fault. He talked to his boss today to tell him about having more treatments and his boss (who has under gone treatment for prostrate cancer last year) has been great and says if he needs any time off he will keep his job open for as long as he can.

There are times he asks, so where do we go from here and my answer is forward...

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a blessed New year.

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That's the kind of thing that all of us fear and many of us will experience. Sorry to hear of it.

"He is stubborn almost to a fault" is encouraging, in my opinion. I read that as "gonna keep punching no matter what." All credit to him, and I hope I have it within myself to maintain that kind of an attitude.

All my best wishes to your husband and your whole family.

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My heart is heavy with the news of your husbands results and what you both must be feeling. I'm glad your husband's attitude is one of a warrior! You are right Dawn, none of us have a date stamped on us. One day at a time. Stay strong and know we are here for both of you. My prayers and God's blessings to your family. Cheryl

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