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hard lump scar tissue or something else?

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For a little over two months now, I have had a hard "something" in the right side of my abdomen- right under the bottom of where my scar from my liver resection is. It was bothering me for awhile, but now it doesn't hurt or bother me anymore, physically, that is. My onc felt it and said he thought it probably was scar tissue building up. My liver resection was in May 2008- well over 3-1/2 yrs ago- why would scar tissue just start building up now? I had a CT scan in November and it was there then. I was worried it was a new, large tumor, but nothing showed up or at least was mentioned about it in the scan report. My naturopathic dr felt it and said he didn't think it was scar tissue because it had a pulse when he pressed on it & scar tissue doesn't have any blood vessels to have a pulse! He thought maybe it could even be a blocked bile duct with "stuff" backing up behind it, causing the mass (which is very hard, by the way, not pliable at all). I googled blocked bile duct & I don't seem to have the symptoms for that either, which they described as being nauseated and having yellow skin. I wonder if those mentioned symptoms are just when it's bad but maybe there aren't really any symptoms before it gets to that point?
I was wondering if my blood work would show something going on by the liver enzymes being up. I never saw the copy of my blood work results yet(from this past Friday), so I don't know what my liver enzymes, bilirubin count, etc was. I was told over the phone that everything "was fine". Has anyone had anything like this?

Upon my request today, my onc's nurse is putting in a referral for me to get an ultrasound to check it out. I had asked my onc before if that could be the bottom part of my liver & he said my liver is deeper than that. I don't have a gallbladder- that was removed during my liver resection. Any thoughts or experience with something like this might be helpful to me...


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Can't help you there, but I'm hoping that it's nothing serious. Just wanted to let you know, I'm thinking of you.


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Hey Lisa

I'm not sure exactly what that could be.

From my side, I've had this nodule bulging out in between my ribs for about 3 or 4 years now...happened just after my failed liver biopsy...the guy took about 8 samples and stuck the probe in that many times and snipped to get his sample.

One night I was laying down and reachd over and felt it....it was the size of a large marble...got my attention quickly...it's finally started to reduce in size after all of these years and it's getting close to skin level, but you still feel a bump.

Docs think it is some kind of build up from the 'mess up' obtained during their clumsy fumbling while trying to get a sample. They don't think it's a tumor or anything...but it stuck out so much, it had me wondering for some time...and of course, your thoughts are always racing - and for the worst, it seems.

This probably does not pertain to your situation...other than the fact that it might be something along those lines.....a knot or perhaps the back up as you were describing.

Sorry I could not offer more direct experience, but this is the closest thing I've had to what you are describing.

As always...wishing you well:)


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Sheesh Lisa, I have all these friggen lumps on my belly from the lovenox shots, bruising with some of these too. Some people talk about palpabale lumps with their cancer and when I had these it freaked me out. Mine are palpable....but they are completely and totally where I give myself the shots. Now onc. is saying the lymph nodes he was concerned about may be caused by the shots (so confusing) anyhow.... My hubby broke his wrist a couple of years ago, step ladders have a weight limit (who would have known that!!!) he is over "the max. weight...anyhow shattered his wrist....had surg. metal plates implanted...over the years he's developed scar tissue in the area, large masses, very odd looking, it gives him grief with numbness, etc.....

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Sorry your husband has had the grief with his scar tissue, but that gives me reassurance that it could actually be scar tissue.

I guess I have to do the waiting game until I get the ultrasound (I don't know yet when that will be).


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Nana b
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Sounds like what I have, same place, a Hernia. This is my second Hernia. The first was near my belly button. The other scar.

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I had suspected a hernia also, but my onc didn't think that's what it was. Just found out the ultrasound is scheduled for this Friday, so hopefully they'll be able to tell then what it actually is.

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I had a recent scare with some abdominal pain and was worried it was recurrence. Took a trip in to see my doctor and we discussed scar tissue. I had not realized this but scar tissue can get worse a couple years out from surgery. It can take time to develop. In my case I have an ovarian cyst comes and goes and was the source of the pain.

You are in my thoughts dear one.


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Sounds like you have a good plan to get it checked out and ease your mind.
Hopefully it is just a lump of nothing significant.
Sending light and prayers your way.


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I have a small lump to the right of my incision. I thought it was a lymph node, but my onc. checks it at every visit and tells me it is scar tissue and definitely not cancer. I hope that is what it is for you as well. Mine does not hurt or bother at all. Glad you are having the ultrasound soon. You are in my prayers.


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