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yttrium Y-90 spheres

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My husband was diagnosed 11/11/09 with carcinoid tumor with mets to his liver, which continued to grow to about 10cm. He had his first Y-90 on 10/12/11, and felt horrible for over a week. He had his second Y-90 on 11/30/11, and felt so much better this round. We have also been told that a preliminary CT shows apparent shrinkage of the smaller tumors, but not the large tumor. However, since the Y-90, his hemoglobin has gone up to 12.3, which is the highest it has been in 2 years. We are hopeful. Our follow-up scan is to be the first of March, praying for good news! Hope this will encourage those that are scheduled for the Y-90. Good luck!

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Hi, how did your husband make out with.the.y90 treatment? My mom is suppose to go next month.

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