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Mom is doing good!

Best Friend
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Well, mom had her checkup after her last chemo at the end of october. Her ca125 was 3 than. Now she is in "remission" and her number is still a 3. I am very relieved. Now he is deciding to send her for a catscan of her lungs. Makes me a little peeved because if we had gotten treatment at a better hospital overall i am sure they woulda done that in the beginning. Just not happy with local hospital at all. Univ of Penn did a great job on mom's surgery but if she was given the proper treatment 2 years ago when the cancer was growing we wouldn't have to be worrying about a lung catscan. Anyway, just hoping the news stays good.

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So pleased to hear your good news, hope the scans go well too X

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Hi best friend, I am glad your mum is doing good, tell her to keep up the good work!!!
All my love and best wishes to you both xxxx

Brown Girl
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It's always great to see a post that starts with "good news". I'll be keeping you and your mom in my prayers!

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Good for you all!! It's always great to hear. Best wishes to you all.
Be well,

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This is just what you want to happen, remission is great and I hope this will stay for long! Wounderful news!


Best Friend
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Joined: May 2011

Well the catscan showed clear lungs. Even after all of her smoking, the horrible dreaded mr. cancer has decided to only be in the peritoneum. Amen! She is happy. And may i add I have not seen her with this kind of appetite since i was about 28,29. I am now 34. I think this cancer took its time to get to the point where it was. I just encourage her to eat because someday she could have to do this again and i want her to be healthier than when she was losing weight and not able to eat before they diagnosed her. Thanks guys!

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