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avastin treatment

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My brother 45yrs hs been diagnosed Oligodendroglioma gr3 in May 2008 on the right side. He was operated and given radiation and temador(abt 6mths) he later developed GBM on the left side in May 2009 which was aggressive, he was given avastin (with chemo drug)for 12 mths (24 cycles) and stopped in early 2011 since MRIs showed no further growth, he had a stroke in May 2011 and later developed quadriplegia,seizures from sep 2011 onwards till date. He has developed necrosis and edema on the right side (which was operated 3 1/2 yrs back) due to which he cannot move. Eyes have developed edema which is better now with the use of steroids. Now can we give him avastin again for necrosis treatment after a gap of 1yr? Has anybody seen such a patient? Help us out with your experiences.Thanks a lot.

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I don't believe avastin is used to treat necrosis. Necrosis is dead cells and so I don't think it would make sense to treat them with anything. If the necrosis is causing him negative symptoms I think he would require surgery to remove the necrosis.

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You are correct. The Avastin is not to treat necrosis. It is used to limit the blood supply to the tumor and help reduce the tumor.

If you google Avastin, you will be able to go to the official website (avastin.com)for this medication. The website describes how it works, what other cancers it is used for, side effects, etc.

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