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For your information

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Two friends of mine with stage 4 lung and ovarian cancer went to Utopia in Oldsmar Florida . There are five such clinics in the US. They both were cured. Ovarian in 6 weeks, Lung in 9 weeks. It is 1200 a week but the PET is covered by insurance and read by your own Onc. I am in remission from NHL and I wanted to share this amazing result. It is all natural. Joanie

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Where can I get more information about this. This sounds amazing. Sounds a bit much, but who can put a price tag on life. I would love to read about this. Email me please if you have more info at franke.ellen@gmail.com
Thanks and best of luck to you. God Bless

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Wow! I Googled it. Everything from a colon cleanse to a cancer cure under one roof! I am very very happy for your friends who were cured, but I can't help but be a little bit skeptical since you would think if this is happening on a regular basis,it would make the World Wide News.

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I'm afraid this fails the straight-face test in a number of ways.

To start with, define "cure." To me, that means "condition gone, never to return," or at least no recurrence for five years. Has Utopia even been in business that long? I can't really determine from their site.

Also, a six-week cure claimed? You're lucky to prove you're cured of the common cold in that amount of time. I don't know whether those cure claims are outright untrue, but common sense dictates that they're in no way representative, even if true.

The good doctor in charge is a member of a couple of medical "colleges" that specialize in therapies (e.g. chelation) not recognized as effective by the mainstream medical establishment. Anyone interested might also want to check out some of the patient and caregiver reviews of him, which are not difficult to find on the net.

From the fine print at the bottom of their web page:

"This site offers people medical information and tells them their alternative medical options, but in no way should anyone consider that this site represents the 'practice of medicine.'"

"We cannot guarantee, nor do we mean to imply, by any of the information in this website, that our treatments will necessarily lead to clinical improvement if administered for any given new patient. The statements regarding the treatments offered at Utopia have not been evaluated by the FDA."

So I guess if you have the dollars to try alternative approaches along with real treatment, go for it, but I am also more than a bit on the skeptical side for the usual reasons:

(1) If the excellent results were anything but coincidence, somebody would have the Nobel prize;
(2) They wouldn't need to advertise because they would be world-renowned, and;
(3) Your health insurance would cover every move they make, because they'd be saving us millions of lives and billions of dollars.

To me, this looks at best to be the equivalent of dunking yourself in the mineral hot springs and pronouncing yourself improved, and at worst, harvesting dollars from desperate people who may or may not have the resources to support it.

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When I first saw this thread begin, I said to myself..."Let it go". Now, sorry, I can't do that. I had to go look at the site. Sure maybe their are a few on board and yes, their are some not. Reminds me of a thing I saw elsewhere, the "practitioner" guarenteed a cure in 3 months or your money back. The fine print said only for the meds, not his services. That must mean you pay up front. Kinda like poker or the lotto. I concur with you Steve, the nobel prize would be in their mits already.

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