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Too much saliva

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When I had radiation in 2010, I started the fluoride soak and carried water everywhere.
Now I have a trach, and had the lower right side of my mouth rebuilt and am on chemo. Swallowing because of the last surgery is tough.
One of my biggest problems is too much saliva. I have a home suction machine that I stay close to. When I go out, I use tissue. My lip has been bleeding for a couple of days from the wiping. Anyone know of a way to make this more manageable?

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I got pretty sick and tired of bashing my lips with the suction in the hospital, when i had my tracche in place. I can imagine that longer term use would have even more problems. I had the lower left side of my mouth rebuilt as well, and I have a problem with saliva to this day. Part of it seems like excessive production, but it may just be that my mouth does not channel saliva properly any more, because the floor is partly paralyzed.

If excessive saliva is a problem, I wonder about oral atropine to treat it. You can make anyone dry with atropine. i have no experience with this, and i imagine it would come with some side-effects (like constipation,maybe), but it would be worth asking about.

With regard to the suction, if that's a problem, there are many different suction tips. Some of them have sharp edges, and some are easier to use.

Welcome back.


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