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Hitting the 5 year survival mark this week.

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I have received good news in regards to my MRI last month and I will hit the 5 year mark for surviving my first diagnosis of HCC later this week. I had a recurrence treated with RFA 2 years ago, but I am still counting this as my 5 year mark anyway. The first tumors were 3.5 cm and located on my portal vein-not usually a good sign of things to come, but with a resection and the removal with clear margins of 2 tumors I have made it this far. Never give up hope, it is all we have in our individual battles and none of us know what lies ahead for us. For those of you newly diagnosed and those who haven't been given much to be grateful for I pray for your survival as well. Yes, I am breathing a little easier today, but I realize that my next MRI may put me back in the ongoing battle for life and am counting my blessings diligently. Keep the faith!

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Congratulations, Xtreme, it's great to read that your tests continue to provide good news. My husband is approaching his 4th year since diagnosis and 2 year since NED, so I certainly understand breathing easier after diagnostic testing. It is my fondest wish to give hope to those following behind him with an HCC diagnosis and I pray daily for those on this board and their families.

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Wow, keep it up, Xtreme! You're an example I want to follow. I'm at 2 years this coming May - don't see a bit of luck on the horizon, but I'm not giving up with stories like yours to follow.

Good luck to all...

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I can only say that's great for you. My dad was diagnosed with hcc affecting his portal vein with tumor thrombus. The doctor's say that at this time he is not a candidate for liver resection, and offered him y-90(I think that's how it's spelled) or radiation treatment first. This is to try to eliminate the thrombus in the portal vein first, then try to chemo embolize the tumor. My dad is in disbelief of this diagnosis for he has no symptoms. His blood work reveals no liver failure and all other levels are essentially normal or unremarkable. His afp or tumor marker is high at 7800 but again he exhibits no sign or symptoms of an illness. I was wondering if you could please give me the surgeon's name and location, so that we could get another opinion. I'm hopeful since reading your comment, because it reinforces my faith . Thanks for that!!

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My surgeon is located at the University of Michigan hospital which is one of the few comprehensive cancer treatment centers in Michigan. His name is Dr. Shawn Pelletier, he is one of the liver transplant team specialists. Phone number: 734-936-8363. My story: I had Hep-C contracted through air gun inoculations prior to my Vietnam service. It was discovered about 30 years later (typical) when it had affected by liver with Stage 4-Cirrhosis. After clearing the Hep-C virus my cancer was discovered on the Portal Vein and I had the liver resection, Dr. Pelletier told me it was 50/50 - have a resection or Liver transplant, my call. Following the resection for the tumor on the Portal Vein and another lesion discovered during surgery, I had Portal Vein Thrombosis, 15cm in size. Cleared that through treatment and was cancer free for 2 more years. Then another lesion appeared and I had Radio Frequency Ablation to remove it. 2 years later and I am still cancer free. Great team of Doctors who have paid close attention to my treatment through MRI's and have my back so to speak. Not everyone will be successful in their fight, however, I believe through the God of my understanding and the guidance of my medical team that he directs I have beat the statistics and am looking forward. I am 61 years young, so don't give up and don't let your father, either. The best of luck to your father and keep the faith, God has a plan and we just don't know what it is.

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Thanks for the info. I'll let my parents know. We are in San Antonio, Texas a bit far from michigan but still it's great to know that Dr. Pelletier would do the surgery. I believe that exactly about God's plan. Sometimes it's rough but we handle only what is neccesary, and give the rest to the lord.
My dad never had any of the hep viruses A,B,or C so their not sure what caused the HCC. Not even a heavy drinker either, a social drinker at best. So when you mentioned the the portal vein thrombosis and had it "cleared through treatment", which technique did they use?
I'm just trying to research every possible avenue that is available to my dad. The y-90 treatment or the Radiation treatment for the thrombus are the two options for him now.
Both of which are relatively new procedures.
We want to be sure before doing anything to the liver that the treatment will be most effective against the thrombus and least liver toxic. Decisions decisions. Any input is appreciated.



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Good news and congratulations! You give us much hope on fighting back cancer. Just go on. - stomach bloating, blood in stool and sore nipples and sore breast

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wonderful news and congrats to you. I just hit the 5 year mark as well and being released from the oncologist next week. It is a good feeling and I am happy for you.

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