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Stomach Acid Question

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Made it thru my MEI Surgery on December 12 and came home December 20th. I have been coughing up alot of what seems to be stomach bile/acid. Taking my prilosec and a drug for ulcers that the Dr. prescribed when I left hospital. Does this acid ever seem to deminish?
I sure hope so, cause along with the acid comes up the food I have eaten, jello, cereal, soup... you name it. I see the Dr. on the 3rd and will get alot of info then, but in the mean time I hope it reduces some. I would have posted sooner but have had trouble getting onto the site or have had problems with the laptop.
In Boise.

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I had a lot of problems with this after surgery. I can't remember how long it took to diminish, but it was a while. Make sure you are sleeping elevated, this helps a little. Glad you are at home.

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So glad to hear you made it through surgery and are at home recovering. Recovery takes a while. I seem to recall my husband having stomach bile/acid issues after surgery too. The Dr. recommended not eating 2 hours before bedtime. Keep us posted on your progress.

Lee Ann

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Hi Judy,
Glad your surgery is over and you’re home. I know exactly what you’re talking about and yes it will get better. I experienced a lot of stomach acid/bile coming back up on me while I slept. It is an awful sensation. Sometimes I would sip on a glass of milk after it happened, to try and get the taste out of my mouth. It seemed to help me. Also, make sure that you sleep with your head elevated from now on. This keeps the stomach fluids from running up the wrong way. I’m still not doing that as well as I should, but it’s what EC people have to do. I was prescribed Dexilent, which I take at night. It’s to help with GERD and may be the same thing as Prilosec, I don’t know. But maybe ask your Doc if it’s something you should try. I know that I experienced the aspiration on an almost weekly basis right after surgery. Even with all the precautions I mentioned. Now I’m two + years out and it is a very rare occurrence. Best of luck!

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Thank you all for the info. I am not having too much reflux during the night, it's mostly that I end up coughing up the acid during the day along with any food Ive eaten or I have so much acid that I end up vomiting it up with my food. I am sleeping inclined. I saw the Dr. yesterday and he took me off of one prescrition which today seems to have helped. Also told me to start eating more food, no more bland diet, just to take it easy on the amount and stay away from some vegtables like brocolli. He said I may need to be stretched and that would help with the excess acid. He will wait to have the gastroenterologist do the stretch when he removes my gastric tube.

Forgot to mention in earlier post, the nodes removed at surgery came back all negative, no signs of cancer. I am feeling pretty blessed!

Prayers are going out for Eric, it doesn't sound too good. I've read alot of his posts and he seems to be an amazing guy and so full of life and so much wonderful support for those in better circumstances than his own. There are lots of people here on this board who are like that. I hope I can be an inspiration to others too as I travel this road.
Boise, ID

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