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Happy, happy New Year !!!

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Hey Everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!! Wanted to come back for a day to wish you all the best in the New Year and hope that this year will bring good health to you and your loved ones. Keep the faith and know that there is always hope.

I wish you all a year of success and joy and love.

Take good care.


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Hey Bluerose,
Just came on hear and was so happy to see a post from you. Miss knowing how you're doing. I hope there's a miracle and you & everyone else suffering from this disease have a better year.
Can't believe it's 2012 and my hubby will be gone 2 years in March. I'm glad the holidays are over for another year. Took some stuff down upstairs but need to do our media room downstairs. Didn't put much up so won't take me long.
Well hope maybe you come here a little more to let us know how you're doing.
Happy New Year!!! 'Carole'

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I forgot to come back yesterday to answer any posts, just for the day, so will do that today. Glad to see you on the board and thank you for the nice wishes.

It's hard the first few years after losing a dear one for sure. I remember when I was younger and used to think 'why the heck are some people so sad and upset around Xmas. EVERYONE SHOULD BE HAPPY'. Ahhhh to be young and untouched yet by grieving and loss - blissfull youth. Well Carole you know that you have the folks on the board here who will chime in when you need a lift and help you through, that's a blessing all of it's own.

I have been cancer free for over two decades but it's the side effects of it all that keep me down so for me it's a new year of doctor's appointments and checkups blah blah blah, booorrrring. lol. Anywho boring is better than a surprise bad result so I will stick with boring, just find by me.

Take good care Carole and I will be back at some point to say hi. All the best in 2012 Carole, one step at a time and you will be fine.



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Wish you the same!

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