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burping and belching

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My husband is 4 months post MIE. He has terrible burping and belching after meals. He has no difficulty with swallowing. Has not needed dialation. Wondered if anyone else is having or has experienced this. It does not cause him pain, but embarrasses him and he really doesn't want to go out to eat or anything because of it. Anyone know something we can do for him? Simethicone does not help (suggested by his PAC).
Thanks Susan

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I have the same issue here as well. Although it is not bad enough to prevent me from eating out. If you find something that helps you out, please let me know.

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Lee Christensen
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Same here but they are controllable.
Even have them during the day. Dr. told me I will have them because of no flap there to stop it. Normal person the air passes throught there digestive system.

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I take Slippery Elm which doesn't stop the belching but doesn't make it as loud and obnoxious. You can get it in either tablet or powder form here in Australia.

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Happens to Keith now and then and the cimethicone i.e. gas relief drops or pills that you often find in the pediatric aisle helps a great deal. You can buy it at a pharmacy, or Target and it's inexpensive.

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Thanks for that tip. This happens to Nick as well. He's most frustrated! We both recall the doc telling him presurgery that he wouldn't be able to burp at all. He was kind of looking forward to that. What a disappointment to have this awful "helches" as my son calls them - hiccup/burps :)

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My husband has experienced this burping, and it is most noticeable. Very unpleasant. It usually occurs if he has eaten too fast or too much or with the wrong combination of foods or food/liquid. It is a learning process. It is good your husband is seeing his doctor as he may have some hints on how to handle as each person responds differently.

If he experiences discomfort, my husband oftentimes sits quietly and/or naps and takes Maalox tablets. We eat out frequently but do not linger on perchance he might experience a problem. We keep a little "medicine kit" in the car with over the counter medicines for stomach distress and the like. It comes in handy.

My husband is now some 18 months post op, and he his eating problems are much improved....if he remembers what he has learned. He enjoys each and every day--stomach burps or no.

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I learned something new. I didn't know about this side effect. Fortunately I haven't experienced it.

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I haven't had the burping problem, but "acid stomach," diarrhea and occasional cramping are a constant threat, plus my (hopefully temporary) lactose intolerance. So on my PCP's advice I always have Imodium, Pepcid-AC and LactAid with me. I have some of each in the house, in both cars, in the saddlebags of my motorcycle and in my travel shower kit. Like Karl Malden used to say, "Don't leave home without it!"

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