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Pain during RT

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Hi, I am 14 days into Radio Therapy to the Prostate prior to brachy therapy and am having severe pain between the legs when I sit down, I thought this may be the prostate enlarging due to the radiation, the RT Radiologist says it can be. My fear being that if the prostate grows too much I will not be able to have the brachy therapy, so do not want to discuss with my consultant, in the event he will not do the surgery, although I do have a three week break before the implants.
Has anyone experienced the same, if so can they recommend any pain killer that work. Also I am experiencing practically full loss of urinary control, once again the nurses say this is usual. I think I need some reassurance on both matters. Help !!

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I would immediately talk to your consultant, assuming he is expert in radiation therapy. I don't think your side effects are common. I had 25 IMRT treatments and had no pain, only slight discomfort in the area you speak of, and only a slight increase in urgency to urinate. I had a 5 week break before BT with no enlargement of the prostate.

It sounds like something is aggravating your prostate and bladder. I would ask an expert about this. Don't be afraid of what they might not do, be more concerned with what is happening now. The final outcome will be better.

Good luck.

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Prezmic gave you sound advice. You should be talking to your medic team immediately. I am sure that each time you show up for a treatment someone asks you "how's it going?" This is your opportunity to say, "Something is wrong!"

You should not be experiencing severe pain from radiation treatment. The prostate may have some inflammation from the treatment which could cause some irritation associated with urination but what you are describing is not normal and should immediately be discussed with the doctors. Also, a loss of urinary control is not a normal outcome from radiation treatment, despite what the nurse has told you.

Hiding information necessary for the successful treatment of your condition is a very, very bad idea. I know you know this. Your medical team wants a successful outcome almost as much as you do. This is a partnership. You are paying them a lot of money to do their job...give them a chance to do it.

Best wishes that you get this resolved soon.


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