DAD diagnosised with STAGE 4 NSCLC (Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma)

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Hi, I am new to these posts. My Dad 63 yrs (chain smoker), was recently Diagnosed with Stage 4 NSCLC after being mistreated almost 1 yr for Pneumonia. His Cancer is confined to Lungs. However, it has spread to both the lungs. Doctors say that surgery is not an option and he has started with Chemo, just completed 1 round. not much side effects, but terrible pain in chest at times (it doesn't goes even after taking pain killers and applying trans dermal patch) and some Hiccups. I have read all bad figures about life expectancy (max 1yr) and the doctor also doesn't give any hopes for his long survival. I am completely shattered. Can anyone give me some good numbers of life expectancy for people who are old and have smoking history? I am too young to lose my father:(


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    Ignore those numbers
    your dad's story is very similar to mine except that I have adenocarcinoma. My doc warned me that I had maybe 10 months. That was 15 months ago. I am showing no sign of slowing down. There are many on this site who have lived 5 & 10 years with stage 4 diagnoses.

    I recommend that you check in on and cancer for more testimonials of survival.

    So sorry that you have to go through this. Please consider joining a group for caretakers and put yourself first once in a while. You will be better able to help with dad's care if you take care of yourself.