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I chose the pills this time

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What has been your experience with the pills for the colonoscopy prep? I asked for those instead of the jug of yuck. But I know with my resection...this may not be easy. Should I just plan on bringing my pillow and blanket to the bathroom floor for the night?


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just got goodluck with the colonoscopy.

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you could get pills for it! mines coming up soon just waiting for an appointment. Unfortunately already have the evil prep, but would rather do pills!

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What is. The name of the pills? I wanted them for my colonodcopy, but couldn't figure out the na$e of the pills. I took mirilax and gatorade last time.

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The name of the pill is Osmoprep and there are a lot of them! I didn't realize how many when I asked for them, I thought it was "a pill" HA!. The night before you take 4 with 8 oz of water every 15 min for a total of 20pills over an hour. Then in the morning 3 hours before you do the same only for a total of 10 pills over 30 minutes. I've heard it does a good job but there is a kidney warning that goes along with it. I had a hard time drinking the golytely, but I'm afraid this will be a big challenge because of the colon resection. Well I guess any prep will be challenge now, but I was trying to get an idea from someone how it went for them.

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Don't know Gail.

I like to play the percentages and get a good prep...I just finished mine last week...went with the tried and true, Colyte.

GI says prep was excellent....I did the Miralax and Gatorade one time, but it was a disaster...a real mess....didn't do the job for me and my test was incomplete.

They do have a suction hose where they can suck the $hit out of you, but I like to give the crew all the help they need and not have to work at it as hard, you know?

Colyte is a drag....took me 6 hours to finish, but the results are always UNQUESTIONABLE.

Good luck with the pill and may it yield the results you expect. I can't see how pills are going to clear the colon out the way it is needed....but you are on point, please let us know and good luck with your results.

I guess the results vary on everyone's unique constitution...

Got my scope last week, clear....big hemi surgery yesterday and am really sore and hurting. Yesterdays's surgery made the scope look like a snap.


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I'm happy for your scope results :) and hope the surgery recovery goes well for you! I didn't know for sure about the pills either. I had heard of them and wanted to give them a try. It was so hard for me to drink that prep the other time so I wanted to try this. I'm really curious about how a resected rectum does with a colon prep. (heavy sigh)......

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I heard the pills are much harder on the kidneys - my dr won't give them anymore. You still have to drink just as much; you just don't have to deal with the taste.

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Yes, my Dr warned me about the kidneys, so I hope I don't damage mine for the sake of a colon prep, I just want a good colonoscopy and it was so hard to drink that big jug of golytely last time. I couldn't even finish it. About 3/4 left and I was trying not to have it coming out both ways. And it didn't clear me out at that time. I guess because I didn't finish it and I think because my motility had changed so much? Dr said I had all kinds of cucumber looking seeds in me and I had followed the eating instructions he gave me that started the week before. ....oh well, I guess I will see how it goes.

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my surgeon recommended that he start with a couple of complete enemas - not the Fleets kind, tap water kind, of a liter or more. His "super prep" for those stubborn systems is as follows:

"For a Wednesday colonoscopy: eat normally on sat/sunday but start on liquid diet after dinner on Sunday. SUnday evening take 2 tap water enemas to get the lower bowel cleaned out from below.
Then stay on clear liquid diet on Monday and Tuesday. Take Mag Citrate Monday evening. Take Miralax prep on Tuesday afternoon/evening.
Finish with an enema on WED morning. "

After 3 prep failures, this finally worked for my husband.

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Hi Gail,
I haven't heard of anything on the pills but am quite interested. I'll be scheduling my first post-op colonoscopy at the end of next month. I'd really like to know all my options. I had a hard time drinking the large jug as well, but will do it again if it's found to yield the better results. Let us know how it goes.

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Good luck with the colonoscopy. To a clear colon in 2012! Don't know about the pills. I've always done the Miralax with Gatorade.

Sending light to you.

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I've only done the dulcolax and Miralax. They do have a water spray they can use and then the suction. It sounds like you are drinking as much water as the other, but like you said it's the taste. Good luck with the prep and test.


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I loved(well not really loved haha) the pill prep. I thought it was easy to do. I had it for my first two colonoscopies but then my facility stopped using it because of the kidney issues but I think they may have tweeked it a bit and it may be an option again. I would choose it for sure. Just make sure that you really drink to flush those kidneys! Good luck with the prep and your colonoscopyy.


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I had a combo of the pills (Dolcolex)and Gatorade with I think Miralax. Not bad. You still have to drink a lot but it is Gatorade and not the nasty stuff. Did the job. In my opinion takes longer to kick in. No matter what you do it is unpleasant but necessary.

Take care - Tina

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my dr, doesn't give them. he says they don't do a good enough job.

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My doctor won't let me use the pills, because I have lots of issues with constipation. He says I would never get cleaned out enough using them. I also have only 1 kidney, so now that I hear about those issues, I know I wouldn't use them.

For my last colonoscopy I used the Miralax prep, which was much easier to drink, but I was very nervous that I wasn't getting cleaned out enough. Much as I hate it, I probably will go back to GoLytely for the next one. Ick...


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