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Hey buddy: Thinking about you today and hoping that all went well with your surgery. I'm sure you are out of the loop right now, but when you can, please give us an update and when you think you will be coming home. Happy and Healthy New Year buddy. Cyber magic dust sprinkling on you for a speedy recovery :)

Hugs! Kim

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Thank you for remembering - you're one of the very few who kept up:)

That's very sweet....I'm home...surgery went well....I'm "Hurtin' for Certain!"

You're right - I was out of the loop alright....the Propofol was okay to deal with, but the gas anasthesiah takes it to a whole new level.....and it was a real mess when I woke up, if you know what I mean....totally embarassing....I can barely stand up and having to steady myself to get 'cleaned up.' Lots of residual stuff and the bleeding was steady.

The thing was right there at the DENTATE LINE, which is a very sensitive area to be in...and cutting on that thing has a high propenisty of bleeding. We knew it would hurt badly enough, and my surgeon told me it would.....he's the only medical guy I've found that doesn't "downplay" what the outcome would be.

Pain pills are useless....those are some pretty 'sensivitive tissues' down there as we all know...its hard to walk and sitting down and getting up is an 'adventure.' When the wounds heal up some, I can cream it, but until then I will be dipping into alot of baths to keep the area clean and relieve some of the pain.

Don't want to think about even hittin' the can...that's gonna' be a buster for the first few days...Ouch!

This sure flashes me back to when my journey first started and I had this surgery done before...I'm hoping a couple of weeks and I can return to work....found my foam donut and it helps some.

Best wishes for '12!

Thanks so much for caring and keeping up with me...I do appreciate your friendship:)


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Craig I'm glad you're home already from surgery. Not sure what it was for, but so happy anyone can come home so soon, means it must have went well I'm thinking and hoping. Comfort sent to you!


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I'm sending pain free prayers your way. Lisa

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You're in my thoughts. I know that area is very very sensitive. Ouch is right! I'll be praying that it heals up quick for you. Perhaps, the pain meds. aren't as useless as you think. They are known for their great constipating qualities. This may not be a bad thing while you are healing over the next few days,if you know what I mean. Just a thought.

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It is a good sign you are home, and the pain pills can have some other helpful properties as an "off use" remedy.
The New Year may start of wobbly but will only get better.
Glad you are home and can post. Please keep us updated~

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I hope the worst of this is behind you. (Sorry for the terrible pun, not intended) Glad you are home and healing light is coming your way.


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Hi Craig, sorry you're in so much pain. I notice you are still good with the words, so your humor has not been affected. Hubby is back in the hospital as of today, maybe this
means you are both getting the rough days of 2012 behind you and the "rest" of the upcoming year will be great. Take care, Brenda

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Hi Craig,

Welcome home- I'm praying for you for a speedy recovery and for your comfort in the meantime. Ouch- it hurts just thinking about it.

Hugs to you, Lion!

Lisa :)

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So glad that it all went well but sorry you are in pain, but at least it is taken care of and you can ring in the new year on a new note. It's weird how you were hurting so much at your initial surgery and thought you'd never sit down and then the pain went away and now you are going throug another bout of pain and it brings the memory all back all over again. Feel for your having to go the bathroom too - that's going to hurt. Glad you are back home and will be able to ring the New Year in in your own home instead of a hospital bed.

Hugs to you kiddo and Happy New Year! Kim

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Hi Craig,

Just wanted to let you know that I am glad you are ok. I am sitting here and thinking of you and wishing you a quick recovery. Lots of good wishes, prayers and love are being sent to you and Kim.

Happy New Year!



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May this find you nicely recovering and that the New Year brings time away from cancer to you!!! The Lord knows you need it (don't we all).
Thinking of you my friend.
Winter Marie

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Thinking about you and saying a prayer that the pain lessens and goes away quickly.


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Just learned of your operation. Glad to read you are home. Sorry to hear about the pain. I know all about it, because my son just went to the same kind of operation. \many many sitbath later he start to do better.
I send you healing and painfree thoughts for feeli ng better soon.
PS a healthy 2012 a must!!

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Glad your home, hope your feeling back to your old self soon. (Sorry for some reason I thought you were getting dental work done, but by your description obviously not!!) All the best to you :)

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I actually did some dental work in between all of that - just for grins, of course:)

They were towing me to one repair shop after the other...LOL!

Thanks everybody!


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I remembered you were having roto router work done...., guess it wasn't just hemroidectomy. Whatever it is (exactly) hope it heals really fast. Eat your protein for tissue-repair :)

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