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maybe worth a try...

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Hello all, I hope everyone had the best holidays they could under the circumstances.

My situation is basically unchanged, still on Nexavar (15 months so far), tumor still
shrinking, down to about 4.5 x 2.5 cm , still dealing with the side effects but
somehow managing to stay on full dose 98% of the time. Surgeon says he wants to talk to
me next month about resection or even putting me on transplant list, but I will not
get my hopes up too high, seeing how others here have been tragically disappointed
by abrupt changes in their prognosis.

The main problem is a lack of of viable options for treating later stages of this
disease. I posted some research on vitamin K as an adjunct to treatment...I don't know
if taking it has helped me, but it doesn't seem to have hurt either.

I just read an interesting article on the role of Saffron in inhibiting liver cancers
in lab experiments:


It might be worth a look.

I hope everyone obtains the strength and fortitude to deal with the coming new year
and whatever fate has in store for us, good or bad.

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