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Port a Cath

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Yesterday I had a Bard Power Port installed. Does anyone else have one of these installed and if so, have you had any problems? I was reading on them and found a page online that people have had lots of problems with them breaking apart and not being able to access them. I know I should not believe everyting I read, but this has me a little scared. Right now it is swollen where they installed and I have discomfort going up to my jaw and even my right arm if I move it a little too much. They surgeon told me to try not move this arm for 2-3 days and take it easy. Please if anyone has one of these come back and let me know your experiences.

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My Powerport was implanted 14 months ago and I have had no problems since. I love it because it cuts down on the number of time I need to be poked. In addition to administering the chemo drugs, my nurses use it for blood draws and transfusions, dye injections, and for running my saline and meds during hospitalizations. Our hospitals policy is to flush the port every 30 days to prevent from plugging up and checking it for other problems.

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as well, hers was placed I believe sometime over the sping/summer, however just recently the nurses have been having a tough time with it for chemo (they state hey keep catching it on the rim so it causes a couple of pokes)but prior to these recent tx Mom is very happy she got it.
She would agree with everything dennycee has to say.

Happy New years...
I will pray for a Blessed one for all in the coming new year!

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I am just wondering if this is normal or not. It has been 4 days since my port was installed. Last night I noticed that the muscle above the right should was very tight and sore, Port is above breast on right side. This morning not only is that muscle sore but it feels like it has moved down into my right arm from the shoulder to the elbow. My chest area above the breast line is still a little tight but does seem a little better, but it stills hurt very bad to cough. The port site is still a little swollen and not as red as it once was for the first few dys. I hope that I am over reacting. The fear of the unknown maybe. Please let me know if this is norm or not.
Happy New Year to you all and God Bless.

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I had a port for 2 years, had it removed recently. You should take your concerns to the Dr. who installed it. I'm betting it's OK, but what the heck, have them look at it.

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