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Restaging-What does it mean?

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Hi all,
I went for my second 3 month post surgery visit with the surgeon and oncologist. CEA was 1.0.,But that was never a good marker for me as it was 0.7 the day of my colon surgery. Anemia was my major symtomn that lead to the colonoscopy. My oncologist wants to do restaging CT scans. I was originally diagnosed as a stage IIa-no lymph node involvement. Tested positive for Lynch Syndrome. The Dr did go over a quick summary of why he wants to do these scans now but I was alone and guess I didn't comprehend everything he said... Usually my hubby goes with me but wasn't able to go. Maybe it was because I told the docs about my father just being diagnosed with stage IV melanoma..

Has anyone experienced this restaging and what does this actually mean?


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For the best info it would be a good idea to call the doctor's office and ask the question, explaining that you don't recall his explanation.

Since you are positive for Lynch Syndrome and your CEA is not a reliable indicator, it may be that he just wants to make sure there are no other quesitonable sites.

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Restaging is a common term or indication used for CT scans once you have been diagnosed with cancer. It simply means that the scan is to make sure there has not been even further spread of the cancer from your original diagnosis. Hope this helps!


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Thanks Dawn,
I guess I worry way too much and need to learn to relax!


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Once you are staged you stay that way even if you have had one met cancer removed and only have the primary left you still remain the stage you were given, also if you become NED. I've heard of some doctors restaging to higher depending on what they see on CT.


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