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In surgery

Brenda Bricco
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Joined: Aug 2011

My husband was suppose to have his embolization today at noon but did not get in until almost 4pm due to emergencies. I just got the call that every thing went well and they are waking him up. It has been a very long day but I guess I look at it that if we were ever in the need of an emergency surgery we would take priority so I am not willing to complain about that.

They actually used the word "cure" today in reference to my husband. I almost fell over when they did that. They did say that when they encourage growth that that includes any cancer that might be too small to show on the scan (happens in about 2 % of cases) but I was so excited to hear them say the word. When he was diagnosed the doc's exact words were you need a miracle. I am so hopeful that we get that miracle. I find myself so worried that I forget to pray so please pray for me. I pray that we all get that miracle.
He should be awake in about an hour so my wait is almost over in this waiting area. They said that there shouldn't be a lot of pain so we could go home as soon as tomorrow. GOD is so good.

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Hi Brenda,
Yes, GOD is good. Hope things continue to go well for you guys...


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Glad all went splendidly. Hopes to you both for a speedy recovery.

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So very happy to hear that the New Year looks like a good one for your hubby and you.

Miracles do happen.

Hugs to you both,

Marie who loves kitties

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I'm so happy to hear the great news!! I'll pray for you and your husband and for a speedy recovery.

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Sending you and your husband healing light and prayer. Bless you this new year.

Annabelle41415's picture
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So good to hear that things went well and yes, GOD is good. Prayers on the way for you and hubby. You will have a great New Year, it's in the stars for you both :)


Posts: 265
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I love to hear that word ===== CURE===== so glad to hear such good news.....hope your husband is on the road to recovery very soon. Hugs, Teri

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So happy to hear all went well and then to top it of they mentioned the word-------------------------CURE-------------------- Congrats. Keep us posted,

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Cure is a great word to hear! God IS good. Blessings to you and your husband-


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Glad he's in that 2%. I hope he has a speedy recovery, your both in my thoughts.

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Glad it went well and another step done and over with!

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So good to hear all went well!!!

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I'm so happy for you and your husband. I pray that everything continues to positively progress.

Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

Thank you everyone... we just got home about 30 minutes ago. It was cold in the house and he got chilled (I did too but it scares me that he shivered). I got him into bed, made him comfortable and took his temp. It is 100.5 orally! I want to take him back to hospital but he says he wants to lay in bed a while and rest. I know that they told us a temp over 101 is a warning that something is up but the 100.5 has me worried.
I am so tired and an old neck injury has me in pain so all I want to do is go to bed myself but how can I now? I am going to be up all night worried about fever. ugh
Keep praying please and I will be praying for you too.
God's blessings.

Posts: 96
Joined: Jun 2011

Hi Brenda,
Prayers and hugs coming your way!


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