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metastatic rectal cancer to the cervical bone

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i usually am on the colorectal discussion board but wanted to ask a question here..has anybody had or heard of mets from rectal cancer to spine?

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I have stage IV cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer)with mets to my liver spine, pelvis, and ilium. My oncologists told me that the mets to the bones are common areas for the cancer to spread (they are masses on and not in the bone). Have you asked your oncologist about this? My mets are stable at this point. The bone mets grew rapidly after my diagnosis (June 2010) but have since stabilized. Hope this is of some help to you. Take care!


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his was deteriorating c2 and he had to have c1, c2, and c3 fused...took alot out of him...he is still experiencing some intense pain even after 3 months post surgery...his case is very hard to find anyone who had similar experience...gonna keep trying so maybe he can have someone to talk to..thanks for sharing
all the best

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I have been diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer, primary location unknown with mets to liver when first diagnosed...so stage IV right from the start. Had chemo and then liver resection...recurrence was a tumor in armpit and cancer in cervical spine. After beginning a new chemo regime, I also developed cancer in one rib. I just finished having radiation treatment for ten days to relieve the pain in my neck.

My understanding is most any cancer can spread anywhere...just that some cancers are more likely to go here/there. I follow the coloncancer forum most often and don't see many people there with bone mets.

Take care,

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Hi Andrea,
I hope this finds you well! I saw your message and am interested in hearing how you are doing and what you've done for treatment, etc. My boyfriend was recently diagnosed stage IV cholangiocarcinoma (it has spread to his spine). His doctor has recommended a chemo plan, which he is still deciding if he wants to do. In addition, I am trying to research other options, that may be less conventional and would love to hear any information you can share.

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