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Spindle Cell Sarcoma 80 yo male

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My father is 79 years old and 2 years ago after a prostectomy December 2009, spindle cell sarcoma was found in the prostate. After several CT scans and 3 opinions, the physicians all decided he needed to have a cystectomy/prostectomy. Perform a radical prostectomy with the removal of his perfectly good bladder and wear a ileostomy bag. He had nor has any bad symptoms. He's never felt better. Unfortunately the tumor continues to grow and it is now leaning on his rectum and at the base of his bladder. After reading about a new radiological technology, Cyberknife, we brought him to Georgetown to begin Cyberknife radiation therapy over the summer. After CT scans and cystoscopy showed the cancer cells had not spread to his bladder and lymph nodes, he began therapy. He just had a CT Scan 3 months after completion of radiation treatments and the tumor continues to grow. We would really hate for him to have this cystectomy at his age and live his remaining years in pain. At a loss . . .

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