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More surgery?? but my thyroglob. # is decreasing!

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I am a 29 y/0 woman --

-diagonosed 6/2011 w thyroid cancer, had surgery 7/2011 -- removed thyroid and 21 nodes on both sides of neck -- all positive for papillary.
-had RAI 9/2011

-It's now 6 months later and I found a lump in my neck -- had biopsy few weeks ago, at first glance cells just looked like a hematoma (that would explain the large size) but turns out node contains positive malignant cells.

-A few days before I discovered lump I had my routine thyroglobulin test - results came back with a level of 80. (interesting timing considering I had the biospy the day before my 3 month post RAI routine checkup when I found out thyroglob. results!)

- ****about 2 weeks later my thyroglob. level is now at 22. could this be because they extracted cells during biopsy?? what else could explain this drop in #??*****

- I am nowhere near convinced I need another surgery.... I want to continue testing thyroglobulin for another month or 2 to see if the holistic work I am doing could be dissolving the cancer. Does anyone else believe in the ability to conquer mind over matter???

Maybe Ive been listening to too much Louise Hay & The Secret...

Please share your thoughts!

To healing,

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Do you get your labs done at the same place every time? For thyroglobulin, it's pretty important to have them done using the same assay at the same place every time to be truly comparable. Another important question is were both Tg numbers measured the same way - that is, were you on levothyroxine (suppressed) or were you hypo/using thyrogen (stimulated)? If one was stimulated and one was suppressed, I believe they can't really be compared to one another.

Thyroid cancer in lymph nodes is hard to treat - RAI doesn't tend to work for that so either surgery or alcohol ablation are usually recommended.

While I most definitely believe that a positive state of mind impacts health I can't say I personally believe that holistic efforts can cure thyroid cancer. Can it help? - perhaps. Cure? - I'd be uneasy betting on that. I believe medicine has a lot to offer. Keep the good vibes going though - it has to be good for you.
Best to you

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